From the On Premise E-Business Feb-15-2000

From The On-Premise E-Business Front

Sante Magazine

(February 2000) - In a further indication of the Internet's growing influence, has announced their partnership with to launch the first real time Internet restaurant reservation system. Called, Rezconnect, the service will enable customers to make a reservation at any one of the 100,000 restaurants on's database and receive confirmation instantly. Rezconnect differs from other e-mail based reservation services in its real time confirmation technology. According to Stephanie Abrams, Executive Vice President of, "It does not require the restaurant to change the way it does business. The format also allows customers to maintain control, knowing immediately if the reservation is confirmed so that they may select another date, time, or restaurant convenient for their plans and needs." Rezconnect is expected to be up and running in the first quarter of 2000.