Private Label Press Release Jan-20-2000

CONTACT: Stephanie Abrams

Executive Vice President, Inc.

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Rapidly Growing Sites to Leverage Etravnet’s $1.5 Billion

Buying Power Through Fully Integrated, Interactive Travel Engine

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., January XX, 1999 – ETRAVNET.COM, Inc. (OTCBB: ETVT), the nation’s leading franchiser of on-line and “brick and mortar” travel agencies, today announced that it has signed definitive agreements to provide its fully-integrated, interactive, on-line travel booking engine, to four rapidly growing web destinations:,, and

The Company noted that each private-label partnership provides both Etravnet and its new affiliates with revenue sharing agreements and cross-promotional marketing opportunities. Each private-label site will be fully interactive and will have HagglewithUs™ capability. HagglewithUs™ is Etravnet’s proprietary, patent-pending “Net-to-phone” bargaining technology, which empowers on-line consumers to actively negotiate the prices of all forms of travel purchases in real time.


In addition, will provide its private-label partners with its recently announced RezConnect™ service. RezConnect™ enables consumers to arrange and confirm, in real-time, reservations for more than 100,000 restaurants in more than 7000 cities worldwide via proprietary “net-to-phone-to-net” technology.

Commenting on the agreements, Michael Brent, Chief Executive Officer of, said, “These agreements mark the first step in our strategy to empower on-line businesses with Global Travel Network’s buying power and unique patented technologies. We are able to leverage more than $1.5 billion in purchasing power from our travel agency franchise system to attract the best prices and packages for our on-line customers. We know of no other Internet-based travel provider, in a business-to-business or business-to-consumer platform, that can offer the same bargaining clout, interactive capabilities and unique proprietary technology.”

“Our strategy is to identify e-businesses and destination portals that would benefit from offering travel services to their customers. By integrating our on-line travel booking engine technology, Internet businesses can add value-to their website, while generating commission revenue for their business,” said Stephanie Abrams, Etravnet’s Executive Vice President.

Through HaggleWithUs™ and RezConnect™, Etravnet has enabled the consumer to negotiate in real-time for leisure travel packages, hotel and resort room rates and restaurant reservations throughout the world. For the consumer, this means the first non-blind, real-time, Internet-based travel bidding engine. Website partners have access to the benefits from Etravnet’s global buying power coupled with a customized interactive travel booking engine, making their private-label sites immediately competitive in the marketplace.

The Company noted that the four private labeled Websites meet specific criteria that should drive travel-interested consumers to each Website’s on-line travel booking engine. On-line consumers will find high-quality interest-specific travel opportunities provided by Etravnet’s interactive service to meet their travel needs.

Etravnet plans to expand HagglewithUs™ technology to offer real-time bargaining for every sector of travel including cruises and car rentals and various products and services outside the realm of travel, infinitely extending the potential for its private-label programs.

ETRAVNET.COM, the parent company of Travel Network, Global Travel Network, and Travel-Network Vacation Central located inside Wal-Mart Supercenters is a leading franchiser of travel agencies based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. The Company, rated first among all of the franchisors in North America by Income Opportunities Magazine (April ’99), has provided franchisees with a competitive edge and with award winning marketing and customer loyalty programs worldwide since its inception in 1982. Its marketing presence was expanded with its website development providing interactive travel booking capabilities and special savings resulting from its enormous buying power. The Company has differentiated its Internet presence by providing the opportunity for the web consumer to click into one of its retail travel agency locations for personal attention from a travel consultant. The concept of “Log on, walk in, phone in,” offers travel clients the opportunity to purchase travel packages through the most convenient means to the client.

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This press release contains forward-looking statements. All such statements involve risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, the risks detailed in ETRAVNET.COM, Inc.’s filings and reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Such statements are only predictions and actual events or results may differ materially.