New York Restauranteur of the Year Signs Up Two Restaurants For's ReZconnect Oct-26-2000

Contact: Stephanie Abrams

Executive Vice President, Inc.


Englewood Cliffs, NJ (October 24, 2000): ReZconnect, the patent-pending reservation technology of (NASDAQ [otcbb]:ETVT) has been selected by the Tony May Group to provide web-to-phone-to-net reservation services for their Manhattan restaurant locations, according to Stephanie Abrams,’s Executive Vice President.

“We are especially pleased by Tony May’s decision to choose ReZconnect. It is clear that he has established himself as a knowledgeable and respected member of the restaurant industry as is demonstrated by the New York City branch of the New York State Restaurant Association selecting Tony May to honor as Restauranteur of the Year 2000. Clearly, his lifetime of experience as a restauranteur puts him in the best position to evaluate ReZconnect and its functionality to provide a reservation service to bring the web user’s reservation request to the telephone of his restaurants,” Abrams states. “The addition of Tony May’s restaurants as a ReZconnect user validates our belief that this technology provides an important bridge to seamlessly allow each party to engage with one another by the means they each prefer. Our mission is to provide technology in the business-to-business environment that enhances the business-to-consumer relationship and the inclusion of the Tony May Group properties is a concrete example of our mission in action,” Abrams states.

Plans call for ReZconnect to be installed to facilitate reservations at Tony May’s San Domenico restaurant, which has been rated one of only three 3 star Italian restaurants in New York City given by the New York Times, Ruth Reichl, now editor of Gourmet Magazine. ReZconnect’s installation at San Domenico will be quickly followed by the use of the technology to bring web users of the reservation system to the telephone of Gemelli’s, Tony May’s New York City World Trade Center location restaurant.

“I’ve been approached by EVERY ‘’ company with a reservation service,” Tony May states, “and ReZconnect is the only on that makes sense!” May explains. “This is the first technology that understands that the restaurant reservation process and managing restaurant reservations is unique. ReZconnect is set up to meet our specific reservation needs. I chose ReZconnect because it allows me to continue to manage my business as I always have without having to make changes in the way I do business,” May states, “and I don’t need to buy or install any computer equipment or make any investment,” May explains. “What ReZconnect will provide for my restaurants is to bring the web user to my telephone where we can take the reservation in a ‘business-as-usual’ manner. Since we have an international clientele, this will make it even easier for our European clients to make their reservation,” May concludes.

The simplicity of ReZconnect lies in its capability to allow the web user to see information about the restaurant, fill out a reservation form and click to send the reservation information to the restaurant’s telephone where the maitre d’ will hear the reservation information read electronically by pre-recorded voice prompts. The restaurant accepts or rejects the reservation by pressing voice prompted numbers on the telephone keypad which sends immediate confirmation back to the web user within seconds.

The revenue model for provides for the generation of income from email advertising that will appear on the duplication of the web booking confirmation which will be sent to the customer and to the restaurant for quality assurance, according to Michael Brent, President & CEO of Current plans call for no cost to the restaurant nor to the consumer. “The quality of the restaurant chosen by the customer will be matched to appropriate product for truly targeted advertising opportunities,” Brent explains, “and also allows the advertisers to reach diners who will be in their neighborhood or area.”

The advertising program extends to the email or fax to the restaurant which follows the net-to-phone-to-net reservation. “We are in discussion with restaurant suppliers who see the value in this unique opportunity to bring their product news to the restaurant owner and encourage interested advertisers who wish to reach the targeted customer and restauranteur to contact us,” Abrams concludes. “The ReZconnect technology truly offers a world of opportunity in a literal sense.”