HaggleWithUs Press Release Nov-29-1999


The Next Generation of On-Line Travel Bargains Begins with ETRAVNET.COM’S “Haggle With Us” Internet-to-phone Service

Haggle With Us takes “name your own price” concept one step further;

More control for consumers; blind bidding eliminated; results in real-time

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., November 29, 1999 – Getting the price you want, at the hotel you want, the day you want -- has never been better for the on-line consumer. ETravnet.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: ETRV), a leading franchiser of independently owned travel agencies and an Internet leader in the travel industry announced its “Haggle With Us” bargain-travel service. Unlike the blind bidding process currently available in the marketplace, Haggle With Us will allow Internet travel consumers to actively negotiate the price of a hotel room directly with hotels, in real time.

Using ETRAVNET.COM’S patent-pending technology, on-line consumers simply choose the participating hotel, select the type of room, number of days reserved and propose a price. The Haggle With Us technology converts the Internet request into a telephone call to the hotel reservation desk immediately. The hotel reservation agent then has the option to press “1” to accept the proposal, press “2” to stand firm or “3” to counter-offer, all via telephone keypad at the hotel. The negotiations are capped at three consumer bids. If a deal is made, the consumer simply prints out the confirmation sheet and the transaction is charged to his/her credit card for a non-refundable transaction.

“Bargain shoppers have embraced the Internet as a way to plan vacations or search for travel bargains. Other services have become very popular with consumers, but what separates Haggle With Us from all other services is that the consumer is not bidding blind. You know exactly what you’re going for and when you’re going to get it,” said Stephanie Abrams, executive vice president of ETravnet. “The travel industry largely relies on the telephone as the primary way to communicate. We have merged the speed and accessibility of the Internet with the travel industry’s staple communication device – the telephone. Our service doesn’t require hotels to change the way they do business. And it doesn’t force the consumer to haggle in an uncomfortable manner. There is no fear of confrontation behind a computer screen.”

When the service is made available to the public in Q1 2000, brand name hotels and independent properties, both U.S. and international, will be included in the program.

“We recognize this service as a great way to fill rooms that would otherwise end up vacant,” said Manish Patel, Vice President, Development of Brentwood Hotels. “Brentwood’s owners operate 67 hotels with over 9000 rooms under 20 different brands and look forward to participating in the Haggle With Us system.”

Haggle With Us will expand its service to include active bargaining for cruises, tour packages, air fares and car rentals. Those functions will be available to the public by mid-2000.

About ETravNet.com

ETravNet.com, under the “Global Travel Network” trade name, is a leading franchiser of travel agencies based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. The Company, rated first among all of the franchisers in North America by Income Opportunities Magazine (April ’99), has provided franchisees with a competitive edge and with award-winning marketing and customer loyalty programs worldwide since its inception in 1982. Its marketing presence was expanded with its website development providing interactive travel booking capabilities and special savings resulting from its enormous buying power. The Company has differentiated its Internet presence by providing the opportunity for the web consumer to click into one of its retail travel agency locations for personal attention from a travel consultant. The concept of “Log on, walk in, phone in,” offers travel clients the opportunity to purchase travel packages through the most convenient means to the client.

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