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Englewood Cliffs, N.J. (October 3, 2001): REZconnect, the net-to-phone-to-net
real-time reservation service of REZconnect Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:[otcbb]REZT), has signed up restaurants in seven states, according to Stephanie Abrams, REZconnect's Executive Vice President.

Since partnering with Zagat Survey, the premier provider of consumer survey-based dining, to offer users online reservation at restaurants affiliated with REZconnect via a co-branded website, the company has been signing restaurants to participate.

"We are extremely proud that, among the many fine-dining establishments which have signed up for REZconnect are The Four Seasons in NYC and Norman's, the Number One Zagat listed restaurant in Miami. Our goal is to turn quality web content into quantifiable guests by bridging the gap between the web enabled customer and hospitality providers whose business is transacted over the telephone," Abrams explains.

REZconnect's Internet-based reservation engine does not require the restaurant to buy or install any equipment, no training is necessary, nor changes to restaurant operations. Web reservations are automatically transformed into telephone calls. The restaurant reservations manager hears a pre-recorded voice read reservation details. By pressing numbers on the telephone key pad, following the instructions of pre-recorded voice prompts, the restaurant accepts or declines the reservation.
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Instantly, the telephone key pad response creates remarks on the screen of the web user to acknowledge the reservation confirmation.

REZconnect reservation and appointment-scheduling capabilities have broad applications in hospitality, travel, and entertainment. Currently the company has signed up independent hotels in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, France, and niche market cruise lines to enable efficient real-time reservations. "The combined itineraries of Cruise West, Royal Olympic Cruises, Mediterranean Shipping Cruises, and Regal Cruises blanket the globe, providing a world of cruising with excellent companies that can confirm reservation with split-second responses using REZconnect," Abrams states.

"The company is in its 'hunting and gathering' phase," declares Michael Brent, President and CEO of REZconnect. "We are working diligently to get our message out and attract restaurants, cruise lines, tour operators, hotels, theatres and attractions which are not automated to interface with web buyers. REZconnect is that vital element that brings the web to businesses which are telephone-centered," Brent concludes.

The company has created strategic partnerships with travel portals such as Worldspan, a global distribution system for travel reservations with nearly 22,000 travel agencies in its network. REZconnect's ability to create real-time reservations for niche market companies provides a level playing-field for these companies to have real-time reservations capability like their mega-competitors without the costly investment and changes in business operations which are otherwise necessary to provide this service.


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