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Stonover Farm

Awesome is the best word to describe Stonover Farm, an incredibly luxurious B&B with all the amenities of a deluxe hotel in the quiet elegance of a Berkshire farmhouse. Perfect for the most demanding and most sophisticated traveler who appreciates the artwork, antiques, architecture and decor of this lodging where the emphasis is on stylish comfort in serene surroundings. Sit on the patio and enjoy the views just beyond the pond or take a lovely walk down the road and cross directly into the main gate of Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. On a cool summer evening or winter wonderland night, choose one of the many fireplace area of the sitting rooms or snuggle around the fireplace in your own room. For those who enjoy
the luxury of a relaxing bath, you won't want to leave the spacious bathrooms you will find in each bedroom suite. When they say space is limited, they mean it! Stonover Farm offers 3 spectacular accommodations in the main house and Rock Cottage, a modern beautifully appointed cottage that sleeps 5, has its own kitchen and livingroom/diningroom area complete with stone fireplace.

Stonover Farm is open year 'round to allow guests to enjoy the beauty and events of every season.

If you want to feel as if you have entered a fairytale kingdom, choose Blantyre for your lodging. As you drive through the gates, it's easy to pretend you are on your way to Cinderella's Ball! Attention to every detail is the norm at Blantyre. Located close to Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the Berkshire Mountains, Blantyre is in the perfect location for taking in the breathtaking views of the Berkshires, visiting the historic homes of writers, artists, musicians and philosophers who have chosen the Berkshires as their home for centuries, shopping, antiquing, relaxing and emerging refeshed from the experience.


The Red Lion Inn

One of the few remaining American inns in continuous use since the 18th century is immortalized in Norman Rockwell's painting "Main Street, Stockbridge." As you step onto the front porch of The Red Lion Inn, you
step into the serenity of another era. You'll want to have cup of tea or coffee served to you while you sit on big rocking chairs enjoying the view and the fresh air of the Bershire Mountains. On a cool summer evening or a snowy winter evening, you might prefer to sit by the fireplace in the homey livingroom entry area that you can hardly call a "lobby." Just walking around the historic public rooms or dining in the pub or antique china-filled restaurant conger up images of Victorian ladies dressed in high lace colors, puffed long sleeves and drawstring purses. While offering caring services in a grand scale and antique-filled accommodations, the Red Lion Inn has
frozen time in a gentler era surrounded by Berkshire County where the words grace and charm appy to almost everything you see and do.


Crowne Plaza Hotel

A great place to base yourself in the Berkshires for sightseeing, shopping, antiquing, and summer concerts at Tanglewood, is the Crowne Plaza Hotel, located in the historic and picturesque center of Pittsfield, MA. As you approach the hotel's entrance, you cannot help but be moved by the exquisite views of the Berskshire Mountains which envelope the area. Open year 'round, The Crowne Plaza provides an excellent central location for exploring Berkshire County while offering guests every amenity and service including: an indoor pool enclosed with two-story high windows overlooking the mountains with poolside accommodations for year 'round swimming; a New England pub-style restaurant, Dewey's, overlooking the indoor pool area that makes even the Businessperson's
luncheon feel like a mini-vacation; on-site physical fitness center sauna and whirlpool; covered garage parking for the traveler's convenience no matter what the weather conditions are; and, as an added bonus, The Crowne Plaza is a Pet Friendly Hotel! For those who enjoy the modern facilities and the quality of service they have come to expect of Crowne Plaza Hotels, a stay at the Crowne Plaza in Pittsfield, in the heart of Berkshire County, is the perfect choice.