June 2005: Camp Unleashed update!! Experience Camp Unleashed with "Winston" a lovable English Springer Spaniel more>>


A great place to take your dog to relax and run around in the country side. Stephanie talked a bit with Annie Brody, one of the camp's directors, on her weekly radio show. Click this link to listen to the Autust 04, 2004 Travelling Pet Minute segment and learn more about what Camp Unleashed has to offer your Dog! Listen now.

To hear the entire August 08, 2004 show, click here.




A Summer Camp for Puppies and older in Vermont. Two Hundred and Fifty acres to frolic in, take obedience classes, learn Herding, Hunting, Breed Handling and more or just relax and have fun on all that acreage with your dog!


Sheep Dung Estates in Yorkville, CA., offers you your own space in the woods in private settings which make you feel like you are on your own ranch! No need to worry about your dog being off the leash if your pet listens to your voice commands!