Once again the hazy lazy crazy days are upon us, and it’s time for summer camp. But at Camp Unleashed, the “dog days” of summer take on a whole new meaning.

Camp Unleashed is a three-day weekend camp experience dedicated to dogs and their people convened on two weekends, before and after the camping season of Camp Mah-kee-nac, a boys' camp in Lenox, Massachusetts, in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains It’s a real summer camp, with cabins, campfires, a dining hall, a lovely beach, and activities galore. But for one weekend in June and another in September, the whole place goes to the dogs!

You are welcomed with an activity basket with an assortment of doggie toys and treats, and then you get right to the fun! Throughout the weekend, your dog has a choice of classic summer camp activities like hiking, swimming, or just snoozing on the grass, or other activities designed specifically for them, like flyball, freestyle, or our own Springer Spaniel’s favorite, the agility course. There are sessions where two-legged campers can learn canine massage, clicker training, and discuss topics like nutrition and behavior with local experts. You can have fun and learn something at the same time!

Campers have the option of attending for the day or sleeping over in one of the camp cabins. We recommend the sleepover option for the full summer camp vibe. A morning swim and breakfast with fellow campers, is followed by lots of fun in the sun. What more could a city dog want? Their people love it too! The weekend is full of opportunities to meet others who value their pets as new friendships are made by humans and canines alike! Days are full of both activity and lazy summer lounging, and everyone leaves with memories that’ll last a lifetime plus information on providing your dog with exercise, nutrition, and healthy living to extend your pet's lifespan.

For details on the next session of Camp Unleashed, click here. www.campunleashed.com

Camp attendies and their people enjoy an informative session on the benefits and techniques of receivng "doggy massages".
Camper "Down Town Winston Brown" and his trainer work on the camp's extensive agility course.
Camp Unleashed Canines and their people receive swimming instructions from the Camp's instructors.
Winston Brown and his trainer relax in the comfortable, yet rustic camp cabin.