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Campgrounds in Massachusetts, Maine and Tennessee; the Algonquin Hotel's Newly Improved Website; DJ Frost Discusses Airline Stress and Safety; Distinguished Hotels' Finca Cortesin Hotel in Casares, Spain.

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Hour 1

Topics Include:

“Travel with Stephanie Abrams!” (heard over most of the same airwaves as “Traveling Feet!”) is celebrating its 7th anniversary the first Sunday of July. Listeners of either show can be eligible to win travel prizes online. Visit the homepage in the coming weeks to see what prizes are available and send Stephanie an email on why you deserve to win one. Entries should be 50 words or less. Winners must pay the travel expenses (airfare, Amtrak etc) needed to get to the destination. July 5th will be the cut off date for entries and winners will be announced in the following weeks. “Traveling Feet” celebrates its 5th year on the air in September.

Casa Angelina Interior
Distinguished Hotel's Casa Angelina Hotel on the Amalfi Coast. Click here to see more pictures of this property in the Travelers411 photo gallery.

Stephanie had discussed camping in a recent show and received so much listener interest that she decided to explore the topic further. There are fabulous campground destinations across the country. It is a unique way to travel and to stay within a budget.

The Normandy Farms Campground is open year-round in Foxboro Massachusetts, home of the New England Patriots. The grounds feature many resort like amenities as well as unique housing units called “yurts”. Yurts originated in Central Asia with nomadic people who needed shelters easy to dissemble and take with them. The structures have become popular camp shelters in the US and Canada. In North America they have been dubbed “Year-round Universal Recreational Tents”. Yurts are circular tents made of durable canvas and can be laid on any soil. The yurts at Normandy Farms are meant to withstand all types of weather. Amenities inside the tents include flat-screen TVs, fireplaces, gas heat and also air-conditioning in the summer.

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Travel Deal:

Milwaukee's Irish Fest is the biggest Irish festival in the world. This year's event starts August 13, 2009 and continues through the 16th. General Manager of the Milwaukee Pfister Hotel Joe Kurth is offering “friends and fans” of Stephanie Abrams a special rate of $159 USD per room plus taxes. Stephanie will be broadcasting live from the lobby of the hotel.

For more information visit or call 414.390.3800.

Campgrounds across the country are getting creative in order to attract a customer base and encourage repeat visits from its guests. The Red Apple Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine is located in an inspiring place to visit and hosts a lot of fun couple and family based activities. On site game events include a rendition of the Newlywed Game as well as blindfolded golf cart races. This event requires a husband and wife team to work together. One person is blindfolded and must ride a golf cart through an obstacle course with their spouse giving directions. They then switch places.

There are a lot of nearby tourist attractions. President of Northeast Campground Association, David Berg, recommends a stroll along Marginal Way in Ogunquit. It is a great place to walk along a beach front trail and have safe viewing of the surf hitting the rocky cliffs below.

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The Big Meadow Family Campground is located in the small town of Townsend Tennessee. It is 30 miles from Knoxville and off the beaten path for tourists. The campground prides itself on the opportunities for visitors to partake in tubing. The Little River comes straight out the Smoky Mountains and later joins the Tennessee River in Knox County. It has some areas of rapids but is mainly a gentle ride.

There are two strips of the Little River in Townsend. A tubing business called the Smoky Mountain River Rat is adjacent to the campground. The Big Meadow Family Campground is situated on 14 acres in a rural town of only 400 registered voters. It is a quiet country setting within miles of more recognizable tourist destinations.

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Fun Facts

The word yurt is derived from a Turkic word that refers to the kind of imprint left on the ground by the structure before it is moved.

Yurts in North America today differ greatly from those lived in by Mongolian tribes. Though they share the standard round shape, most are constructed using modern materials and are not easy to dissemble and transport (the original purpose of a yurt) but rather are meant to be permanent structures (such as those found at campgrounds).

Guests Include:

Marcia Galvin, President, Massachusetts Campground Owners Association. Owner of Normandy Farms Campground in Foxboro, MA.

David Berg, President, Northeast Campground Association. Owner of Red Apple Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Malcolm Johnson, Owner, Big Meadow Family Campground in Townsend, Tennessee.

Hour 2

Topics Include:

The General Manager of the historic Algonquin Hotel, Gary Budge, joins “Travel with Stephanie Abrams” to discuss the new look of the Algonquin Hotel website. The Algonquin opened in 1902 and has been the epitome of a classic New York hotel for over a century. The hotel maintains this classic style but is also becoming increasingly modernized. In the past year the hotel's lobby, restaurants and 174 guest rooms have all been updated and/or renovated and the hotel's website was given a fresh look to reflect the hotel's modernization.

The Algonquin Hotel website is “2010 user friendly” with ease of identification of some of the great values currently offered at the property and easy “bookability”. Several incentives are offered online including a limited time offer of 25% off the best available rate. This applies to all bookings in 2009. Guests who book during that time will also be automatically entered in a drawing for a four night stay at the hotel which includes daily breakfast and one dinner and a show at the world famous Algonquin Oak Room Supper Club.

The Oak Room will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in the fall of 2009. It is an intimate room that seats 80 people and is renowned for its great cabaret acts. Notable musical artists who launched their careers at the Oak Room are Harry Connick Jr. and Diana Krall. Acts rotate throughout the year with performer Andrea Marcovicci always present in the fall. The hotel is steeped in entertainment and literary history. Its lobby has been referred to as New York City's original living room. Every Sunday from 7 to 10pm a musical and cultural gathering takes place in the lobby called the Algonquin Salon.

The Algonquin Hotel is centrally located in Manhattan on 59 West 44th St. between Fifth and Sixth Avenues in Manhattan. It is truly the center of it all. Times Square is one block west of the hotel, Rockefeller Center is four blocks north and Bryant Park and the New York Public Library are two blocks south. For a NYC tourist it is a convenient location for theater, retail and other midtown Manhattan itineraries.

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Find more information at or call 212-419-9331.

On June 18, 2009 Continental Flight 61 was headed from Belgium to Newark. During transit the captain, Craig Lenell, died of a suspected heart attack. Two copilots took over and none of the passengers knew anything was wrong until after the flight landed safely. Stephanie recalls incidences of flying where she felt unsafe because the crew made difficulties known.

Continental Pilot DJ Frost says that though the each flight has a designated captain the copilots are equally qualified. Emergency situations do occur but flight crews are prepared to handle them. Frost sympathizes with those who have a fear of flying and offers stress tips on his website.

For more information visit and

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Casa Angelina Exterior
Distinguished Hotels' Casa Angelina on the Amalfi Coast. Click here to see more pictures of this property in the Travelers411 photo gallery.

Distinguished Hotels offers accommodations that are guaranteed to pamper and care for their customers in an environment they won't forget. The collection has recently added the newly built Finca Cortesin Hotel in Casares, Malaga, Spain. The Finca Cortesin differs from other resorts in the area as it integrates a traditional Spanish boutique style hotel with a golf, spa and beach resort. There are 67 suites on the property all overlooking either the ocean or golf course.

There are many golf courses in the south of Spain but the Finca Cortesin possesses several unique qualities. Golfers have views of the Mediterranean on every part of the course. It is a championship golf course designed by American-born Cabell Robinson. It is also now the home of the VOLVO World Match Play Championship starting October 29, 2009.

Casares is between Marbella and Sotagrande, Spain in an area made up of rolling hills. The hotel is set a mile back from the white beaches of the Mediterranean and sits on 70 acres of land.

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Click here to see pictures of the resort on

For more information visit and or call 877-545-3478.

Guests Include:

Gary Budge, General Manager, The Algonquin Hotel, NYC.

DJ Frost, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotist and Pilot, Pro Power Services, Inc.

Javier Revirego, General Manager, Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf & Spa, Casares, Spain.

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