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April 2007.

-- Tips for Business Travelers from
Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams.

How to Keep on Top of the World When the World Keeps Changing!


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Rule #9:  Chances are that if you are traveling for pleasure, you took the time to get a haircut before you left on the trip. But for TRAVELHOST readers who are often away for business, the need to have a styling or trim on the road may come up all too often. A bad haircut is something you'll have to live with for weeks or months! Here's my trick for finding a stylist I can have confidence in: Do not go to an independent shop in a strange town unless you know their work. I have been lead astray even by the concierge in a great hotel who has sent me off into the neighborhood! I've had my hair cut all over the world and the secret to success is to either have your hair done in the salon of a great hotel or a great department store, unless you are in a city where there are name brand salons you can count on! The reason you can have confidence in a great hotel or department store is that they have a lot at risk if the salon clients emerge shrieking about how bad they look. Hoteliers and top-notch department stores set high standards of professionalism for their in-house salons. Another tip: when you're in a strange city, look for a local person with a great haircut and find out where you can find that stylist! I've had my hair cut all over the US and Europe, in Bangkok and Shanghai, where the stylist only spoke Chinese, but we communicated perfectly through gestures and drawings and I got the best haircut of my life!

Rule #10:  It may seem like a simple trip that you can arrange for yourself but don't kid yourself! You need a travel agent! There are ins and outs and ups and downs that you'll have to negotiate yourself if you're not using a travel agent. When a weather front moves in that you find out about when your plane lands and, suddenly, everyone is scrambling for rooms to overnight, those with travel agents will be pleasantly surprised that their agents knew about the on-coming storm and have protected them with rooms or other transportation to keep them moving to their destination. If you're not using a travel agent, you are missing out on a world of service. We'll visit that subject in the next issue!

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Stephanie Abrams


Stephanie Abrams is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams,(TWSA) heard coast-to-coast on the Business TalkRadio Network and appears weekly as the travel expert on Traveling Feet (TF). TWSA can be heard in the Greater Boston area and throughout Massachusetts on Sundays from 7pm to 9pm on WXBR am 1460, WBIX AM 1060, WBNW AM 1120, WPLM AM 1390, and TF can be heard on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm on WCRN AM 830 and on WBNW and WPLM listed above. Visit Abrams' award-winning website at for travel information, archived radio shows, audio travel tips and more!

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