Image of Exterior of Hotel Commonwealth on Commonwealth Avenue, Boston.  Featuring exotic cars lining sidewalk including several Ferraris

April 2007.

-- Tips for Business Travelers from
Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams.

How to Keep on Top of the World When the World Keeps Changing!


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Rule #6:  Have you thought about Amtrak? What a wonderful way to travel, especially for TRAVELHOST readers on business and coming into Boston! Amtrak's fast-speed Acela train runs between Boston and Washington, DC. If you're headed to Boston from NYC, be there when they yell, “All aboard!” for faster train service on the Acela train platform! Unlike airports that are usually located well outside of cities, Amtrak stations are centrally located downtown and arrive downtown at your destination. That often means you can walk to your hotel or meeting or it's a quick taxi ride away. A car rental is generally not necessary for the mid-town arriving traveler, saving the TRAVELHOST traveler rental costs, parking fees, and the unnecessary hassle of negotiating traffic in a new city! If you need some quiet time to finish a proposal or review a presentation, you'll find the snack or dining car on the train has the perfect booth for you with a window on the US going by. And every seat has more legroom than you'll find in most first class aircraft cabins! There's and business class of service where you'll find seats with electric outlets so you don't wear down the battery on your laptop and you can recharge your cell phone which you'll find will work most of the time you're onboard the train!

Rule #7:  “My luggage has been with me every second. I packed it and nobody gave me anything to carry.” You get to the airport and you can honestly answer the questions that elicited the above answers. Then how do you account for the contraband found in your carry-on or checked luggage? If you saw the true, but terrifying, film, “Broke Down Palace,” the young women in transit from Hawaii to Bangkok were unwittingly used to transport drugs which were slipped into their luggage when they got into the taxi. While they sat in the comfort of the cab, they couldn't see past the open trunk lid where a man was busily stashing drugs in their carry-on. To be sure that all of your luggage and shopping bags make it into the taxi, and nothing more is added that you don't want, stand curbside and watch your luggage being loaded.

Rule #8: If you're going to be traveling for business, you'll want to feel pampered at the end of the day. You may need some space to spread out in to work on a project, a spot to invite your clients or colleagues to meet with you, or a place to have a light meal after a long day when you just want to take a bath and not go out again! Think suites! There are many all-suites hotels which fall into the “affordable” category that you should consider on your next trrp. Many provide 2 room suites that include a living room, separate bedroom, wet bar, mini-fridge, TV in living room and bedroom, and often offer comprehensive buffet breakfast and a manager's cocktail with light fare reception each evening. When it comes to value per square foot, all-suites hotels are at the top of my list!


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