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April 2007.

-- Tips for Business Travelers from
Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams.

How to Keep on Top of the World When the World Keeps Changing!


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Rule #4:   I love airports! The combination of boutique and duty-free shops to browse, watching planes take off and land, people-watching and having undisturbed time to zone into thoughts and ideas that can't be thought through at home or at the office, creates a unique incubator for the TRAVELHOST readers to reach new heights. My best ideas developed at 35,000 feet! So I make a day out of the day I fly! No more arriving at an airport 30 minutes before departure! I try to fly in the afternoon or evening, arrive at the airport 4 hours before departure to clear security hours before the flight so I don't have any pressure about making the flight. Planned right, you can get to the airport in the lull between when the morning crowd and evening crowd are in rush-hour periods. Airfares are often less expensive in the after-the-rush periods as well. Plus, that gives me lots of time to find a great spot to have a meal or snack and get some work done! All that being said, I'm still not crazy about standing in long security lines. Even with new TSA US restrictions, security check-point lines have been speeding along! Limitation on checked items and having liquid items packed in plastic zip-top one-quart food storage bags for easy TSA viewing have made lines move more quickly. Wear slip-on shoes for easy footwear inspection and don't be afraid to tell the never-traveled passengers in front of you to get prepared by unlacing their gladiator boots, taking off their jackets and outerwear, and getting their computers out of their cases to help speed things up for everybody! If you are traveling in an upper-class of service, in many international airports you'll often encounter a Fast-Track for security, immigrations and baggage collection to speed things along for you!

Rule #5:  For the ultimate in speeding through security, keep an eye on a new company called Fly Clear ( Currently in operation in Orlando and JFK airports at press time, with plans to expand to another half-dozen airports in 2007, Fly Clear offers road warriors an opportunity to get in-depth security clearance. Once cleared, passengers use a special fast-track lane just for Fly Clear travelers. Those interested in being cleared for this program have to provide more than just information about themselves. Unlike the mortgage company that asks you for the title to your house, the title to your car and the title to your favorite song, the Fly Clear service requires fingerprints and retinal prints among the identification requirements. If you can deal with the Orwellian privacy issues, this could be of value for the frequent traveler to have a fast lane through security.

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