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Pathfinder Luggage and Radio Talk Show Travel Expert Make History at JFK with TSA-Friendly Stay-in-Carry-on Laptop Pocket

September 9, 2008 (New York City)- Anything that takes hassles out of traveling is of interest to Stephanie Abrams, nationally syndicated radio travel expert and host of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams and Traveling Feet.  When Abrams heard about Pathfinder Luggage's newest product, a computer carry-on case that is designed to meet TSA standards, allowing those traveling with laptops to leave their computers  inside the luggage carrier during the security inspection process, she contacted the company's Executive Vice President, Ron Davis, to learn more about the product. What she learned convinced her that this was a product travelers need to know about, offered to test the bag on her impending trip to Mexico, and reported that she rejoiced at every TSA security checkpoint as she left the computer in the luggage and sailed through JFK, Mexico City, and Guadalajara Airports on her latest trip.

Abrams invited Davis to be a guest on Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams to explain to her national audience how the TSA had asked luggage manufacturers to accept the challenge to create a carry-on piece that would segregate the laptop from any metal parts or other items such as battery chargers that would interfere with the x-ray inspection of the laptop and would allow the laptop to stay in the carry-on piece during the inspection process. Pathfinder Luggage took up the challenge and created two carry-on styles, one with wheels, which met the TSA specifications.  Abrams said she was  begin a trip to Mexico in two days would be willing test the product if Davis could get one delivered to her before her departure.

“My biggest concern,” Abrams states, “was that word might not have reached the trenches and that travelers would still be asked by TSA staff to remove their laptops from the carry-on anyway! So I volunteered to be the test case and travel with the bag. When it arrived, I found it to be well-constructed and well-designed with pockets to organize equipment, chargers, files, personal items and a soft envelope-style pocket to securely store a laptop.  A bold message printed on the closing flap, and a small label on the outside, identify the luggage as ‘checkpoint-friendly.'  I was still very skeptical that I was going to be able to get through security without having to remove my laptop from the case!” Abrams notes.

When Abrams arrived at New York's JFK Airport Terminal 1 on the morning of September 4, 2008, she followed the procedure of placing the case on the conveyor belt at the TSA security checkpoint, unzipped the section that houses the laptop, and extended the case “like a butterfly, so the laptop section was expose but the computer was snug in its envelope in the case,” Abrams explains. “I told the TSA staffer that this was a new bag that met special TSA standards and that its design allowed me to leave my computer in the case. Another TSA agent overheard my explanation and joyfully came forward with a big smile to say, ‘Yes, we've heard about it but this is the first one we've seen! Go right through!'  I felt like I had just hit a homerun for travelers!” Abrams states. “Pathfinder Luggage and I made history that morning at JFK as the first laptop-friendly carry-on rolled through security! I was so excited that I contacted Ron Davis when I got to Mexico and invited him to come on the air with me on September 7th when we broadcast live from an arena in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Mexico,  where the Charro and Mariachi Festivals were in progress. He was delighted to hear of the ease of my experience because this was a groundbreaking event!”  

“But the odyssey was just beginning,” Abrams continues.  “I assumed that communications between Pathfinder Luggage and the TSA in the US was up to par but wondered if I'd be so lucky going through security in Mexico City when we connected to Guadalajara.  I was amazed when I was routinely asked to remove my laptop from the luggage in Mexico City airport and I pointed to the label on the outside, zipped open the laptop compartment and pointed to the message on the interior pocket and I was waived right through!  On our return, I sailed through Guadalajara and Mexico City airports once again without having to remove my laptop after being asked to do so as part of a standard request. What a grand slam for Pathfinder and for the traveler! And I am just thrilled to be part of this historic entry into a serious convenience for travelers!” Abrams declares. 

Abrams shares an anecdote that she refers to as the ultimate testimonial related to the Pathfinder computer bag. “I've commented on the air that I live in fear of my laptop careening off of the security belt area or accidentally being taken by another passenger whose computer looks like mine. One of the people I was traveling with in Mexico said, just after we cleared security in Mexico City, ‘The TSA person grabbed the bin that my laptop was in and lifted it in the air not realizing my laptop was inside and it fell out onto the table at the end of the conveyor belt and she wasn't even concerned about what just happened!' He ended by saying, ‘I've got to get a bag like yours!' This is going to be a hot item!” Abrams concludes.

But the test isn't over! Abrams continues her return from Mexico with a trip from Newark's Liberty Airport to Shannon, Ireland and states, “The Pathfinder carry-on is going with me! We have two more airports to test! I can't wait to share my Newark Airport experience with my listeners when we broadcast both Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams and Traveling Feet live from Fitzpatrick Castle in Killiney, County Dublin on September 13th and 14th.  I'll deliver the final report on this adventure at TSA checkpoints with details on what happens at Shannon Airport on my return to the US,” Abrams concludes.

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