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March 22, 2008.No. Ireland's Nobel Peace Prize Winner John Hume Endorses Hillary Clinton in Interview With Radio Show Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams.

John HumeAt a fireside meeting at Beech Hill County House Hotel's drawing room in Derry, Northern Ireland, nationally syndicated radio talk show travel expert Stephanie Abrams met yesterday with 1998 Nobel Peace Prize Winner John Hume, during which Hume clearly stated his endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President of the U.S. Abrams, traveling through Ireland broadcasting live and recording interviews for her radio audiences in the U.S. which are archived at, states she had to "catch up with John at this relevant time in U.S. history, to get inside-track answers to questions about the peace process in Northern Ireland as seen by someone who has devoted his life to this process. The most dramatic part of the interview," Abrams notes, "is John Hume's clear endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. He concluded with: 'I have no doubt, given Hillary Clinton's commitment to peace in the world, as President of the United States, she would give such leadership.' This was a stunning outcome of the interview," Abrams notes.

John Hume provided his insights into Northern Ireland's successful search for a peaceful solution to past conflicts. Abrams notes the Beech Hill Country House was the perfect location for this historic interview in which Hume described the contributions of Hillary Clinton during her multiple visits to Northern Ireland. With its rich history connected to the U.S. Marines, Beech Hill's memorial library, photos and commemorative plaques related to its use as U.S. Marines' Headquarters during WWII, Abrams describes Beech Hill as the perfect venue for discussing the involvement of U.S. leaders in assisting in the Northern Ireland peace process.

"In yesterday's recorded interview, John Hume focuses on Hillary's people-to-people approach, her generous use of time in meeting with the various sectors of the region, her interest in the real concerns and needs of the people of Ireland, and her focus on peace," Abrams explains. "He discusses Hillary's contributions through her lecturing at the University of Ulster's Tip O'Neill Chair of Peace Studies on the subject of 'Peace in the Modern World,' and reminds us of other Americans who played key roles in bringing about peace in Northern Ireland including Bill Clinton, Daniel Moynihan, Tip O'Neill, Ted Kennedy, and Hugh Carey. Being with John, who is revered by so many was a thrilling experience. My radio listeners benefit from my meeting with people in the destinations worldwide who have the 'inside track' to information often not available elsewhere," Abrams notes.

The interview with John Hume airs nationally, Saturday, March 22, 2008 on Traveling Feet, broadcast live from Dunadry Hotel County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and heard in the 11am to 1pm ET time slot and on Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams, Sunday, March 30th coast-to-coast in the 7pm to 9pm ET time slot on the Business TalkRadio(c) Network.

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