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August 2006


We have very good news for air travelers in this issue – Bangkok 's arnabhumi Airport will be officially opening September 28th.

When this magnificent new airport opens, it will be the largest air terminal in the world.   Thailand 's newest international airport is just the first act in an ambitious national  plan for a new city that, by the year 2036, is expected to be the size of Chicago – and just as productive. 

Already international publications are heralding Suvarnabhumi as the first in a new form of advanced urban development – the “aerotropolis” or airport city of the 21st Century that serves as much as a trade hub for high-value international goods as it is an international people mover.

Most important for you and for me, it will make travel to and from Thailand much more convenient and pleasant. We hope that your next trip to Asia takes your through Suvarnabhumi so you will always be able to say, “I was there at the very beginning ...”

Wondering already what the name Suvarnabhumi actually means?  It means “The Golden Land” and that is what we Thais have always called Southeast Asia – a region of golden promises and golden memories for you, with Thailand a welcoming and glittering gateway.

Bangornrat Shinaprayoontor


His Majesty the King is the only reigning monarch born on American soil in 1927 – and on September 24th, Thailand will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of His Majesty the King's Accession to the Throne in the Greater Boston area, where the King was born, with a series of performances including traditional dance, Thai boxing, music and food.  The address is One Bennett Square across the river from Boston in Cambridge inside the Charles Hotel and outside in the nearby Bhumibol Square . 

Cambridge and the King Festival


Hong Kong and Thailand have so much in common – colorful street markets, serene temples, sumptuous cuisine, and the ultimate in shopping and style – that tourist authorities in both countries have now put together a joint website rich with travel guides and two-country package deals.  If you like sophisticated cities, luxurious accommodations and fabulous meals, you'll visit both Hong Kong and Thailand on your very next trip to Asia.

Two Cultures, One Vacation


His Majesty the King's legacy of social programs and reforms are well known throughout the world.  But His Majesty has also done much to protect and improve the horticultural richness and beauty of Southeast Asia .  In November, an international horticultural exposition honoring His Majesty begins in Chiang Mai in Lanna Province and continues through the month of January, with 80 amazing gardens created and tended by local, regional and international sponsors.

Royal Flora Ratchaphruck

Guide to Lanna Province


Elephants have been prominently featured in Thai legend, literature, art and architecture.  The everyday life of the revered Thai elephant is the central theme of the world-famous elephant round-up held each year in Surin Province.  Ever want to learn how to capture a wild elephant or how to train your pachyderm once you have one in your own backyard?   This year, you are invited to bring those questions and join the two-day, world-class event, from November 18th through the 19th, in Surin.

Surin Elephant Roundup


On a full-moon night in November, the Thai people nationwide set candles afloat in rivers and lakes across Thailand .  It is the festival of Loi Krathong.  This year, one of the finest celebrations of Loi Krathong will be inside the ancient historical park of Sukothai, which is now a world heritage site protected by the United Nations.  For 200 years, ancient Sukothai was the capital of Thailand during what is still called our “Golden Age.”

Sukhothai Loi Krathong


More deals, discounts and special events from across Thailand.


Flight Rooms


Three Countries

A Taste of Thailand

Mahout Training


Romantic Holiday

Tourism Authority of Thailand   |  61 Broadway - Suite 2810   |  New York   |  NY  | 10006

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