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"Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams Appointed Saxony's Ambassador for North American Tourism"


Saxony Germany's Hans Juergen Goller, Managing Director of Saxony Tourism, announced today the appointment of Stephanie Abrams, recognized leader in the travel industry and nationally syndicated radio travel show host, as Saxony's Ambassador for North American Tourism.

"We are delighted to have Stephanie's enthusiastic support of our beautiful and culturally rich region," Goller states.

"Stephanie's knowledge of Saxony, its history, its cultural heritage coupled with her credentials as the leading expert in the travel industry, create a unique opportunity for Saxony Tourism's message to reach North Americans through her ambassadorship. Because of her credibility and the respect she has achieved in the travel industry, we are confident that when she speaks about Saxony, everyone will listen," Goller notes. "Her enthusiasm is infectious!"

When asked about her role as Saxony's Tourism Ambassador for North America, Abrams explains that, "educating people about Saxony is like sharing a wonderful fairytale from a beautifully illustrated book! Everywhere you walk in Saxony, you are touched by the delights of the experience."

"Rivers flowing through castle-lined towns, palatial buildings that inspire the imagination, art and the music of the masters Bach, Mendelssohn, Schumann and Wagner intertwine with fine dining experiences, where food is often served on Meissen porcelain, Saxony's gift to the world with its invention of white porcelain, accompanied by wines produced in local vineyards and served in elegant surroundings."

"Saxons continue the traditions of their ancestors with their lives focused on the best parts of the human experience", Abrams states. "Visitors to Saxony quickly adopt the elegant lifestyle of the region and enjoy feeling so much a part of the history and culture of Saxony that you often see travelers wearing hats, lapel pins and carrying umbrellas that say: Ich bin ein Saxist (I am a Saxist), capturing the humor and the spirit of the resilient Saxons, “ Abrams explains.

When asked the specifics of Saxony's tourism offerings, Abrams lists includes “art, architecture, opera, orchestras, 1000 castles, palaces, gardens, scenery where hiking and nature trails abound and pampering spas await the returning outdoors visitors. And let's not forget the great achievement of the rebuilding of the Frauenkirche, the Church of Our Lady, rebuilt stone by stone to its pre-war glory in Dresden, a city celebrating its 800th anniversary. “Saxony is an experience for the senses and a living monument to the determination of the human spirit. If you haven't been there, you haven't really traveled,” Abrams concludes.

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