September 23, 2004


"Travel Expert Radio Star Stephanie Abrams Teams with Holland America Cruises to Benefit Homeless Kids $659 Inaugural Cruise Fare Offered On New MS Westerdam Sailing"

Travel expert Stephanie Abrams, host of the nationally syndicated radio show, “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!” heard weekly coast-to-coast on the Business TalkRadio Network, has teamed up with Holland America Line Cruises ( to benefit the Giving Tree, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing homeless children from the streets of Tucson, Arizona.

“Holland America has been just fabulous!” Abrams states, “providing a Philanthropic Fare on the maiden Caribbean Voyage of their newest ship, The ms Westerdam, which starts at just $659 per person/double including port charges, taxes, and a donation to the Giving Tree! A deluxe veranda suite cabin whose brochure rate is over $2300 per person/double is being offered for only $1019 per person/double! That's a gift that keeps giving for this December 5-12, 2004 Inaugural Sailing from Fort Lauderdale to the Western Caribbean,” Abrams states.

When Abrams brought the needs of the Giving Tree to the attention of HAL, they responded spectacularly, according to Abrams, rated one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Travel. “You don't have to go half way around the globe to find children in dire need,” Abrams explains, “and HAL joined hands with me and Holidays N Travel, a travel agency in Austin, Texas, that is handling the bookings for individuals as well as travel agents who want to book their clients into the Stephanie Abrams Philanthropic Fare to benefit the Giving Tree.”

The agency can be reached at 800-444-4166 or through their website at A complete itinerary and cabin information can be found at Abrams award-winning website, Abrams warns that cabin space is selling quickly and October 5th is the deadline for reservations.

Abrams was introduced to The Giving Tree and the Grace Home, a 7-bedroom house owned by the organization that serves as a refuge for rescued homeless and needy children, when its Executive Director, Libby Wright, was the Lucky Caller to Abrams radio show who won, on the air, a stay in San Francisco.

“Libby said her travel prize was a godsend becuase she really needed a rest. She told me about the missions of the Giving Tree and of her dream to get the dozen children residing currently at Grace Home to California to experience the beach and the ocean for the first time. She told me, Abrams explains, that she had no clue how she would do that but she promised the kids she'd take them! I told her that I would make it happen!” Abrams states.

With a few well-placed calls to travel industry suppliers with golden hearts, and who have confidence in Abrams' reputation in the travel industry, Abrams created a 12 day trip for 12 children and 4 chapersones from Tucson to LA and San Diego which included: 7-passenger vans from Thrifty Car Rental; 4 suites for 8 nights in California from Woodfin Suites Hotels; one night stays from Choice Hotel's Comfort Suites in LA, the Hilton Del Mar in San Diego, and the Hampton Inn in Blythe, CA for their in-transit nights. Additionally, the San Diego Zoo and Animal Park and Sea World provided complimentary tickets for the group. To defray the costs of gasoline and food along the route, Abrams approached the Morris Family Foundation and provided the Giving Tree with a week stay at the Ti-Kaye Village Resort in St. Lucia which was auctioned on Ebay, resulting in sufficient funds to to make the trip of a lifetime for the children.

Abrams explains. “I am confident that new goals and directions were set in the lives of these children from this trip, Abrams states. I truly believe that exciting travel experiences are an important part of growing into a creative and giving person. I think there was Devine Intervention in Libby being the winning caller on my radio show that day. I know this trip will have lasting positive impact on the lives of the children who participated.”

Since the needs of the Giving Tree are on-going, Abrams has committed to helping in their fund-raising efforts. The Holland America Caribbean Inaugural of the ms Westerdam is the first in a series of travel opportunities Abrams will endorse to benefit the Giving Tree.

“I hope travel agents, on behalf of their clients, and travelers will contact Holidays N Travel at 800-444-4166 and plan to join me on this historic December 5th sailing to help the Givng Tree help homeless children!” Abrams concludes.


Stephanie B. Abrams