Merino Sheep Arrive in Pittfield for Artist to decorate for Sheeptacular Pittsfield. The event that will begin June 5th and end with an auction of the sheep at Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield on September 18, 2004. The about 75 sheep artist-decorated sheep will adorn the downtown Pittsfield area. Visitors will be provided with a map of where the sheep are located and who the sponsors of the various sheep are. Merino sheep have a historical link to Pittsfield and to Hancock Shaker Village where the Shakers raised merino sheep as part of their communal living program.

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March 3, 2004
For Immediate Release


Pittsfield, MA. A group of volunteer sheepherds greeted forty-nine fibreglass Merino sheep on a rainy Tuesday afternoon at The Berkshire Athenaeum's back door. Brought in on a flat-bed truck from Chicago where they were created by Cowpainters, Inc., they join Merry Merino, the model for the Sheeptacular, who has been on display since November, first at The Berkshire Museum and more recently at the Pittsfield Visitor's Center.

Mary Rentz, chairperson for the Sheeptacular Pittsfield public art project and her husband, Dr. Peter Rentz, along with the Athenaeum's director, Ron Latham, were assisted by Sandy and Ron Drager, Laurie Mick, Jim McGrath, and two of the Storefront Artists whose work had been chosen for the summer festival, Phylene C. Amuso and Douglass Truth in unloading the sheep and placing them in temporary storage in their overlarge stalls at the public library where they will face formal adoption by both artists and sponsors on Monday, March 8 at 6pm.

The final fifteen sheep will be delivered to Pittsfield for distribution to artists in two weeks.


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