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"Mexico's Premier Mayan Riviera Spa Resort, Ceiba Del Mar, Introduces Holistic Healing Program with Visiting Naturopathic Healer"

CLOSTER, N.J., Mar 31, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- No one will dispute that current stressful events and overbearing pressure create physical and emotional problems that can become chronic illnesses if not controlled.

The solution to a healthier mind and body may lie in planning a stay at Ceiba Del Mar Hotel & Spa Resort to meet with its visiting Naturopathic Healer, David Janson. Janson, who will be available at the luxury resort through May 29, 2003, could not have chosen a more relaxing location for his program, according to travel expert Stephanie Abrams, nationally syndicated host of Business Talk Radio Network's "Travel With Stephanie Abrams!"

"The moment you arrive at Ceiba Del Mar, you can feel the stress and tension melting off of your body!" Abrams explains. "Everything from the bubbling sounds of the flowing ponds and creeks intertwined into the landscaping that follows the footpaths down to the Caribbean, being embraced by the warm sea breeze as you walk to the individual villa towers, each with its own concierge-host/butler, the care that is put into every detail of the guestrooms, suites, Spa facilities, and gourmet restaurants, coupled with an attentive staff, results in a stay in Paradise. Unique Spa programs like the Aztec Tamescal Sweat Lodge, which combines the ancient Aztec sauna-like experience in an authentic terracotta hut with the traditional meditative ceremony performed on the beach at sunset, are the prescription for shedding tensions. Inviting Janson to be part of the Spa's offerings is one more indication of the commitment of its management to provide guests with unique opportunities," Abrams concludes (

Ceiba Del Mar, located 20 minutes south of Cancun airport, lies peacefully on more than a half-mile of sandy beach on the Caribbean's Mayan Riviera ( Steeped in the rich spiritual and cultural heritages of Mayan and Aztec traditions, it is the perfect retreat from our anxiety-filled times, states Kate Gerogianis, the resort's Director of Sales.

Janson utilizes charka, the diagnostic tool of his Holistic Healing program. Janson is a noted Four Quadrant Healer focused on Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual well-being, trained in behavioral kinesiology, hherbology, naturopathic protocols, body symbology, and shamanic healing techniques. Diagnosis and treatment are customized for each client using Native American healing techniques including Body Alignment Massage, based on ancient Native American massage techniques designed to target and release tensions and open the body's energy centers. This is done through a combination of Native American healing and massage techniques, acupressure applications and manipulation of other bodily psychologic triggers.

When asked how their guests react to their uniquespa programs, Gerogianis states, "Our guests report they feel tension-free, fully energized, and strengthened. In today's times, a trip to Ceiba Del mar is just what the doctor ordered," Gergianis concludes while directing attention to their website, and email at

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