NYC's Buckingham Hotel Unveils Notable Works of World Renowned Artist Arbit Blatas

NYC's Buckingham Hotel Unveils Notable Works of World Renowned Artist Arbit Blatas at Reception Featuring Opera's Regina Resnik. Blatas' Portraits of Rubinstein and Rostropovich installed in Buckingham's Lobby Emphasize Hotel's Commitment to its Musical Heritage.

Stephanie Abrams,Travel Expert and Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host, speaks on hotel's uniqueness and introduces Henry Z. Steinway who speaks about his personal experiences with Steinway Artists Rubinstein and Paderewski, honored guest of the Buckingham Hotel.

New York City (November 25,2002): Renowned artist Arbit Blatas' portraits of Steinway pianist Arthur Rubinstein and cellist Mstislav Rostropovich were installed last week at NYC's Buckingham Hotel at 101 W. 57th Street located next door to Steinway Hall and across the street from Carnegie Hall. Over three hundred VIP's from the worlds of art and music, as well as from the travel industry, were on hand for the unveiling at which the artist's wife, famed opera singer Regina Resnik, spoke, sharing her personal knowledge of Blatas and the famous artists and performers that he painted with particular insights into these two masters.

Saul Shapiro, patriarch of the family-owned Buckingham, was present at the event as well as Stephen Shapiro, Managing Partner, who has spearheaded the implementation of the hotel's strategic plan. The family's goal is to retain the hotel's rich cultural history while creating a stylish and comfortable oasis in the best location in NYC where guests find every modern comfort and convenience in suites filled with musical and artistic appeal.

Stephen Shapiro explains, "You can see clearly that the Buckingham didn't have to invent a theme to distinguish itself. Our distinguished guests, past and present, have endowed the Buckingham with a 'theme' of incredible value. We 'live' our theme," Shapiro notes.

Event guests had the opportunity to move from the lobby where the Blatas portraits, generously loaned to the Buckingham by Regina Resnik, are prominently displayed, to the "Patrons Lounge," a stylish and comfortable guest area complete with entertainment center, which showed the film, "Carnegie Hall," in which Arthur Rubinstein perfoms. From there, guests were invited to one of the hotel's all-suites accommodations where Henry Z. Steinway, patriarch of Steinway & Sons, shared his memories of visiting Ignacy Jan Paderewski at the Buckingham and his personal experiences with the great musician and statesman. Stephanie Abrams, honored as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Travel, gave insights into the hotel's uniquely rich musical history and the reasons why it remains today the hotel of choice for people interested in the arts and in quality accommodations in the musical heart of New York City. Abrams' introduction of Steinway followed his instructions, introducing him as, "Henry Steinway who lives next door!"

The Buckingham's rich history of world-renowned guests include: were: Paderewski, pianist, composer and Prime Minister of Poland who lead the country to freedom in the early part of the twentieth century; Giuseppe De Luca, lead baritone at the Metropolitan Opera for over thirty years; Albertina Rasch, dancer and choreographer for the Ziegfield Follies and Hollywood films and her husband, Academy Award-Winning Composer of such film scores as, "High Noon," "The High and the Mighty," "The Sundowners," and Oscar Nominee for,"Green Leaves of Summer."

Also on loan for the Buckingham Hotel event were portraits, photos and memorabilia of Paderewski provided by Henry Steinway and the Polish Museum of America in Chicago which has an extensive collection of Paderewski's personal effects. Upon his death, all of the furnishings in Paderewski's suite at the Buckingham, including his Steinway practice piano, were donated to the museum which has recreated his livingroom, bedroom, and dining area complete with Buckingham Hotel branded china, silverware and table linens.
Other historic items including the specially crafted gilt pen used by Paderewski to sign the Treaty of Versailles are on display at the museum as well as photos of Paderewski taken in his Buckingham suite while broadcasting information to the nation on the state of Poland over NBC microphones.

In addition to Regina Resnik and Henry Steinway, notable guests at the event included Marek Skulimowski, Vice-Consul of the Polish Consulate in NYC, Zenga fashion designer, Djordje Stefanovic, Juliette Pfeffer, President of the Metropolitan Association of Professional Travel Agents, and Bruce Serlen, Hotel Editor of Business Travel News.

The event was another in a series of programs designed by the Buckinham to promote and support the arts. The hotel recently announced The First Annual Buckingham Prize, a juried art competition for the best Expression of Music through Art. Judges include: Graham Nickson of the New York Studio School, Ira Goldberg, Dean of the Art Students League, and Regina Resnik. The competition is open to art students and faculty at major art schools in NYC and offers a top prize of $10,000. Winners will be announced in the Fall of 2003. Information on the competition is available by contacting the hotel at 212-246-1500, ext. 3207 or


Stephanie B. Abrams