Everything I Need to Know to be Successful in Business is Reinforced Playing Ms. Pac Man©
Stephanie Abrams

Playing the arcade game, Ms. Pac Man, provides an opportunity to clarify and reinforce every skill needed to be successful in business or in achieving other goals in your personal life. Here are some of the things I am clearly reminded of when playing Ms. Pac Man:

1) Stay Focused: If you don't, you'll get eaten alive.

2) Don't follow temptation: You'll be ambushed if you chase something that looks great but is not your primary purpose.

3) Have a strategey: Decide what is important to you. Do you want to rack up a lot of numbers or do you want to see how far you can get? (sales vs. marketing or sales vs. R&D)

4) Try to beat your last score: Every time you step up to
play, you are competing against yourself again.

5) Stay in the game: It's all about surviving.


Copyright 2001 by Stephanie Abrams. All rights reserved.