August, 2006 - Feauturing Dublin, Ireland's Morgan Hotel


O ne of the conditions that long-haul travelers often suffer from is a case of crankiness brought on from meeting far too many people with no sense of humor! If you want to have a few laughs watching weary travelers with “the grumps” turn into cheerful people, hang out in the lobby of The Morgan Hotel in Dublin, a place guaranteed to put a smile on your face!



Smiles begin as guests step through the entrance of The Morgan and the first interaction with their professional and caring staff that zeros in on the unique needs of hotel guests, right down to their need for efficiency in the check-in process, attending to their questions and requests in a cheerful and friendly manner, and assisting them to their accommodations.

New arrivals can't help but giggle as they come in contact with the chic, trendy, whimsical décor of this one-of-a-kind hotel.

The sense of having stepped ‘through the looking-glass' captivates visitors as the unusual décor tickles their imaginations!

You really need to see the look on the faces of guests who, having walked past a crystal chandelier that sits on the lobby floor at a rakish angle finally realize that this is where the chandelier is meant to permanently reside and isn't just temporarily in place waiting for the electrician to hang it from the ceiling.

And who could find a lampshade memorable? Well, check out the shades that hang over the tables in the restaurant. A family of 6 could reside inside those lampshades!

Even early in the morning when you are entitled to be grumpy, you'll find yourself smiling like Alice's Cheshire cat as you catch the spirit of the creative humor in all of the details of this more than just comfortable hotel.

Good cheer abounds when you reach your accommodation where you'll find inviting marshmallow-soft linens and bedding that invites you to fall into it! Of course, once you've seen the bathroom, you may want to have a cocktail party there!

Best of all, you'll find this oasis of charm in Temple Bar, the most-happening section of Dublin. Convenient for shopping and walking to important sights in Dublin by day, Temple Bar really comes to life at night. Restaurants, pubs, and clubs abound drawing the hip crowd and a party atmosphere much like what you might expect in SOHO or Greenwich Village in New York City.

Modern, chic, trendy, comfortable, filled with Irish whimsy and humor and that warm Irish welcome that endures throughout your stay are the hallmarks of the family-owned and operated The Morgan in the heart of the heart of Dublin. If you're not lucky enough to stay there, be sure to drop in for drink and a meal.

The Fitzpatrick family has made a commitment to putting a smile on every guest's face and you won't be disappointed.

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Also be sure to tune in live to listen to an interview with on the "Travel With Stephanie Abrams!" show, Sunday, August 06, 2006 with special guest Paul Fitzpatrick, CEO, The Morgan Hotel, Dublin.

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