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Reading John Grisham’s The Guardians in English . . .British English. . .Can Be a Challenge!

You’ll love this!

My husband’s ebook reader died along the way so I ordered some books for him that I knew he would like (a bunch of Lee Child/Jack Reacher books). Somewhere in those Amazon orders for food and whatnot and a book for him, I ordered the newest John Grisham book, The Guardians. I haven’t had a second to read it yet but I finally got around to reading the flyleaf on the cover, came to this sentence that reminded me that I’m in Ireland and bought the book from Here’s the sentence  in the description of the story: “Just the fact that Russo had botched Quincy’s divorce case, that Quincy was black in a largely all-white town and that a blood-spattered torch was found in the boot of Quincy’s car. A torch he swore was planted. A torch that was conveniently destroyed in a fire just before his trial.”

OK. So I finish the paragraph and my first thought in my groggy state, as I only get to contemplate reading for pleasure at the very end of a generally over-programmed day, my first fuzzy thought  was that you’d have to be crazy to have a torch in a vehicle that, if not battery operated, runs on gasoline. And somewhere in that thought process at about 2am Irish time,  a light bulb in my brain goes off as I realize that John Grisham’s books are translated into 40, or 42 depending on where you do your research, languages, one of which is a translation from American English to British English and buying a book from results in the British translation from what we call English! So the flyleaf overview of the story was trying to communicate to me that in the TRUNK (boot)  of the car there was a blood stained FLASHLIGHT (torch). I’m sure I’ll find more words that we use differently woven into pages and these two are tamed. But some word usages are just hilarious. So if you’re traveling in the UK or Ireland and you’re doing crossword puzzles and need an eraser, if you can say it without cracking up, go to the front desk of your hotel or into a shop that sells office or school supplies and say,” I need a rubber.” Stop smirking!

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