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What Gives Me the Right to State Opinions About Travel Industry Situations?

What gives me the right to believe that, just because I think it, I have the right to foist my opinion on anyone as if it has credibility and value? Let me share with you the road that leads me to sharing my opinions, in general, and my opinion on particular subjects related to travel, with a sense that they are worthy of your consideration.

In graduate school, I had the good fortune to take a class that was a fo course that met twice weekly for two hours each time in a summer school schedule while I was working on my Master of Science degree. The course was taught by Dr. Marc Belth, a man short in stature who loomed large in a classroom. He used a Socratic approach to teaching but I viewed it more like the Christians being thrown to the lions in Rome’s Coliseum as the Dr. Belth threw statements into the air with the expectation that those in this class would dive into dialogue in the course of ripping into the meat of the statement to unearth the lessons, values and morals gleaned from the pursuit of understanding what the underpinnings of the statement were. One such class was devoted to this statement: “You have no right to an opinion.”

After about an hour and forty-five minutes of class members tearing into the audacity of the statement, the roots from which the question may have come, the birthright of each class member to state his or her bias, attitudes, predisposition to judge any subject and air those determinations to anyone who would listen to or read their conclusions, Dr. Belth stood from his desk at the front of the room, which was the link between college classroom chairs with notebook-holding protrusions attached that created a large square around him with about twenty students ready to listen to his observations about the conversation that just closed providing his thoughts on what had been said, what had been concluded, and, more importantly, what had not been touched upon.

Dr. Belth’s remarks concluded that one is not entitled to an opinion just because you exist, you live, you breathe and you speak. One is only. . . as in ONLY. . . entitled to an opinion if one has experienced, observed, read, studied, reviewed, evaluated whatever the subject matter under consideration was and then. . . and ONLY then, one was in a position to draw conclusions from the experiences, observations, readings, studies, reviews, and evaluations and come to a studied conclusion from which one was entitled to have and share an opinion.

So why am I entitled to the opinions I share about travel and tourism?

Following the prescription of Dr. Marc Belth and the wisdom of the ages, I have the knowledge, skills, high level of experience and award-winning achievement in the sector referred to as Travel & Tourism, from which I have the skills to evaluate and draw valuable conclusions worthy of consideration and recognition. Having been honored and recognized for my legacy of contribution to this unique field, as an “insider” in the travel industry, and not just a person who has traveled to a lot of places around the world and believes, based on the scope of their travels that those experiences make them an “expert” in the industry, the depth and breadth of my knowledge of workings of the industry including its history and how we have arrived at the complex place we now find ourselves in as it related to travel and tourism, you can feel confident that my opinions are the result of serious knowledge, intensive evaluation, consideration of all of the impactful facets of the question under consideration and offer an opinion after drawing conclusions based on the above process.

That is the reason I rarely invite someone who has written a book about a place to speak my radio or TV shows because their remarks are generally not the result of reasoned conclusions but off-the-cuff reactions to destinations and suppliers in the travel industry and have about as much value as most of the comments and numbers of stars that anonymous travelers award to places they visit at online sites where comments are encouraged. When reading most of the remarks of travelers, it makes me wonder if they’ve ever gone anyplace before they the place they are writing about!

So if I want to offer my audience on air or online an opinion, I generally provide my opinion which I can attest has been well thought out and is based on a wealth of knowledge, skills and experiences in the travel industry. But that’s also the reason that my radio and TV shows, and the audio you will hear in podcasts and archived audio of those shows here at our family of award-winning websites, are interview-intensive in which the people who deliver the products and services to travelers globally deliver their “truth” on what one can expect when visiting their destination, hotel, cruise line, attraction, event or become a user of their services or products designed for travelers.

So when I offer an opinion, you can take it to the bank!

--Gotta Fly Now!sm
Your Personal Travel Expert
Nationally syndiated radio show host
Stephanie Abrams

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