St. Thomas, USVI, Photo Gallery 004: Coral World
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Image Title: Sea Lion at Coral World, St. Thomas, USVI


Image Caption:
New friends just hate to part but Franco has a show to do this afternoon to entertain the folks who come to see him and the other 3 sea lions who live at Coral World in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Travel expert Stephanie Abrams put a smile on his face when she promised to bring him kippers the next time she visits!

Franco and Remo are two of the sea lions who live at Coral World in St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. You can tell the difference between a sea lion and seal in that a sea lion has little ear flaps on the exterior of its head, whereas seals just have little holes with no exterior covering and sea lions make a roaring sound. Also, sea lions use their back flippers to propel themselves and waddle along on all-fours whereas seals use their front flippers to move forward and slide along on their back fins. Male sea lions develop a mane giving them the look of a male lion. At full maturity, the male sea lion will weigh in at about 800 pounds.