St. Thomas, USVI, Photo Gallery 002: Renewal of Vows
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St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, was Stephanie Abrams destination of choice for her own honeymoon. With an anniversary this month, Stephanie notes that it seemed appropriate benchmark the moment with a Renewal of Vows ceremony. Stephanie was introduced to Debra Williams, founder of Fantasia Weddings, who provides for every detail to make weddings and Renewal of Vows a special experience for couples. She is an ordained minister which gvies her the authority to preside of weddings which can be non-denominational, ecumenical as well as secular, which is of particular value to couples whose religious backgrounds are not the same or who prefer a spiritual union that is secular. Debra plans all the details for wedding on the beach, on a sailing vessel, as well as for those who would like to take a helipcopter to a private island where seclusion and complete privacy make for a unique wedding venue. The US Virgin Islands makes weddings easy for US citizens. It's easy to get the wedding license and, once paperwork is in hand, there is no waiting period to get married. Since US citizens do not need a passport, bringing family and friends along to participate in the joy of the occasion becomes an easy matter since the matter of having a passport will not be an obstacle to joining in. In a matter of hours, the date, time and spot on Emerald Beach was planned, the flowers and champagne magically appeared, and an incredibly interesting, Emmy Award-Winning photographer chosen by Debra Williams was in place to attend to the photo shoot. The results of his photography will be posted on this website shortly! In the meantime, here are some photos of the event taken by an attendee.