Travel Radio Show with Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams - Shownotes Listing
Travel with Stephanie Abrams! - February 02, 2003

Today 's show is being broadcast LIVE from the Club Med Columbus Isle.

Listen to the show in Windows Media Format:


Topics Include:

Club Med Columbus Isle village islocated in the Bahamas on the island of San Salvador, first landing spot of Columbus in 1492! In fact, because of the shallow waters in the area, Columbus referred to the area as shallow sea. . . Baja Mar. . . which, with repetition, became Bahama!

Learn why the Club Med Columbus Isle resort village has long been Stephanie's personal favorite! Guests will include the Chef du Village of Columbus Isle!

Dave Isby, Stephanie's on-air Traveling Companion will be anchoring the show in the frozen north in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts while Stephanie sips a frozen drink at Club Med! In honor of Dave's fortitude which is much admired by skiiers, Travel With Stephanie Abrams will be giving a lucky listener2 Roundtrip Tickets on Horizon Air or Alaska Airlines only to Sun Valley Idaho with a 6 day/5 night stay for two people sharing a room at the Sun Valley Resort complete PLUS one 4-of-5 days lift ticket for two people! Prize must be used before end of winter 2003 ski season.

Guests Include:
Guest Name, Body

Travel with Stephanie Abrams! - February 09, 2003

We're LIVE again from NYC's Buckingham Hotel

Listen to the show in Windows Media Format:


Topics Include:

NYC's Buckingham Hotel is conveniently located just across the street from CarnegieHall on NYC's fashionable 57th Street. And, with Dave Isby, Stephanie's on-air traveling companion anchoring, "Travel With Stephanie Abrams!" in the their homebase radio broadcast studio in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, Stephanie will be joined in NYC by the Talk Show Host of Business Talk Radio Network's, "Talkin' Pets!" Jon Patch, who will be at the Buckingham Hotel while he visits Madison Square Garden to report on the Westminster Kennel Club Show!

Our subject today is POLAND as we continue the Paderewski Connection of the Buckingham Hotel with musical history and the notable people who have been guests at the Buckingham!

When the show concludes at 8pm EST, Stephanie is going to prove the point that the Buckingham is in THE Best Location in NYC when she races out the door and across the street to an 8pm concert by pianist Ana Maria Trenchi De Bottazzi at CarnegieHall about which you will be fascinated!

How do you get to CarnegieHall? Stay at the Buckingham Hotel and Cross the Street!

Guests Include:
Jan Rudamina, Director of the Polish National Tourist Board.

President of Orbis, the most important Tour Operator to Poland.

Stephen Shapiro, Managing Partner of the Buckingham Hotel.

Travel with Stephanie Abrams! - February 16, 2003

A Focus on Valentine's Day.

Listen to the show in Windows Media Format:


Topics Include:

With Valentine's Day chocolates still on our lips, Stephanie Abrams and Dave Isby will talk about Romantic Breakaway.

Stephanie will share her 2003 list of the 10 Most Romantic Places for Sweethearts.

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Guests Include:
Guest Name, Body

Travel with Stephanie Abrams! - February 23, 2003

Vegas baby, Vegas!

Listen to the show in Windows Media Format:


Topics Include:

Las Vegas is the focus of "Travel With Stephanie Abrams!" today!

You can bet on this being an exciting show! Tune in to hear Stephanie and her on-air traveling companion, Dave Isby, explore one of America's most popular destinations with travel tips, news, and exciting interviews with the people who make Las Vegas a happenin' place!

Guests Include:
Guest Name, Body

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