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“Traveling Feet” Broadcasts Live from the Crowne Plaza Acapulco; Expansions and Developments in the “New Acapulco”; Restaurants and Hotels in the Diamond District; The Vegas-style Complex, Mundo Imperial; Zibu Restaurant's Catering Services; Dining and Accommodations at the Crowne Plaza Acapulco; Travel Deal at Crowne Plazas and Holiday Inns Worldwide; La Quebrada Divers; Shotover Adventure Jet Rides.

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Hour 1

Topics Include:

“Traveling Feet” is broadcasting live from the Crowne Plaza Acapulco. Stephanie is in Mexico for Tianguis, the country's foremost travel expo. She cheerfully reports that her accommodations at the Crowne Plaza Hotel are equipped with a plunge pool, whirlpool and terrace. She will be talking with people in the travel industry in Acapulco as well as other destinations in Mexico. To hear more interviews from Mexico listen to the April 26's broadcast of “Travel with Stephanie Abrams”.

Click here to read Stephanie's blog entry about her experiences at the Crowne Plaza Acapulco.

Acapulco is renowned for its beaches and is the city that made Mexico known worldwide as a foremost travel destination. It has captured the interest and imaginations of celebrities of all kinds over the decades. Acapulco is unique city located on a semi-circular bay, with great hotel offerings and new attractions currently in development. Hoteliers and travel promoters refer to the city as the “New Acapulco”, acknowledging that it is undergoing a kind of rebirth. There are many projects underway including renovations and expansions of many properties. Many of these investments are in the Diamante district (Diamond area) which has some of the city's trendiest hotels and restaurants. Other districts include the Golden Zone, the area of some of the best beaches, and the Traditional Zone, or Old Acapulco district, known for its historical sites.

Acapulco is also known for its fantastic weather. In recent years, Acapulco Destination Marketing centered a promotion on this. It guaranteed great weather for its travelers, and refunded customers for accommodations booked on a bad weather day. Another main selling point of the city is its gastronomy which includes diverse and wonderful restaurants located along the main scenic highway.

Stephanie's favorite Acapulco dining spot, the Ristorante Casanova, is currently closed for redecorating. It is an all glass restaurant built into the side of a mountain which provides a spectacular view. Stephanie recommends finding out when sunset is and arriving at the restaurant an hour earlier. Another restaurant in the same area of the Diamond district is Pampano which is co-owned by opera singer Placido Domingo. He and other celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone have made Acapulco a second home.

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Mundo Imperial is a new project in the city conceived by a single entrepreneur in 2003. $400 USD million dollars has been invested into the construction of this Las Vegas type complex. It consists of five different business units including a hotel, promenade, concert venue, spa and convention center. The hotel is comprised of 805 luxury suites contained within two sections, one which caters to groups and the other for individual vacationers. An auditorium has been constructed with 4,000 seats and was recently the site of a Carlos Santana performance. Yani's most recently recorded CD and DVD were also produced at the Mundo Imperial's auditorium.

The Mundo Imperial has the third largest convention center in all of Mexico. Its spa uses traditional Chinese medicinal practices with a doctor from Beijing on site. Its promenade includes retails stores and restaurants which reflects cultural influences from Asia and the Middle East (in particular Dubai). The planned opening of the entire property is 2010.

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Eduardo Wichtendahl, Chef of the Mexican grill bar Zibu in Acapulco, operates a catering service alongside his mother who is known as the Martha Stewart of Mexico. The business plans and caters weddings in addition to other events. They usually do as many as 120 weddings a year.

Wichtendahl's catering services are sought out by many celebrities as it is renowned for its spectacular decorations, food and wonderful locations. The weather in Acapulco nearly guarantees the ability to have weddings outdoors year round. The company recently catered the wedding of the son of one of the most important TV producers in Mexico and hosted a birthday party for actor Kevin Costner.

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Guests Include:

Piquis Rochin, Director of International Promotion, Acapulco Destination Marketing Office.

Seyed Rezvani, Managing Director, Mundo Imperial.

Eduardo Wichtendahl, Chef, Zibu Restaurant.

Hour 2

Topics Include:

Stephanie is broadcasting from the Crowne Plaza Acapulco's presidential suite which has 60 foot high Florida ceiling windows. Each of the 506 guestrooms in the hotel has a private balcony and full ocean view. The hotel looks out over the middle of Acapulco bay. Stephanie says that it feels like a remote destination but is within the center of everything.

The Crowne Plaza was formerly the Acapulco Beach Resort. The hotel has a strong reputation and is recognized for its amazing architecture. Video promotions of the city always have shots of the Crown Plaza Acapulco. It is the number one Acapulco hotel for groups and conventions and is the official hotel for Tianguis. The property is also well suited for FITs or “Fully Individualized Travelers” (tourists that are not part of a group).

The Crowne Plaza has several restaurants including I'Pagliacci which serves Italian. Stephanie raves about her meal of Portofino shrimp. There are 4 other restaurants on site, 2 additional bars and a total of 8 pools.

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Travel Deal:

Guests who book a two night stay between May 4 and July 6, 2009 in any Crowne Plaza or Holiday Inn worldwide can redeem one free night at any location from July –December 26, 2009. For more information visit

The new mayor of Acapulco, Manuel Anorve Banos, has shifted the focus of the city to improving every angle. New complexes such as the Mundo Imperial represent the modern developments taking place. Tourism promoters in the city are hoping to integrate the traditional aspects with these modern expansions.

Cesar Zapata Gonzalez, Director of International Promotion for the Secretary, Tourism of Acapulco, states that “Acapulco is the window from Mexico to the world”. The city trains thousands of people to work in the travel industry. It was the first place in Mexico to draw large numbers of American tourists.

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La Quebrada is a site on the Pacific coast where divers perform dangerous stunts. On windy days the surf can be rough and divers have to be even more careful. Cliff Diver Angel David Castrejon states that it is an exhilarating sport and Stephanie says it is an extraordinary experience for the observer as well. Divers perform at least five times a day. They perform additional shows when a cruise liner is in the area.
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Shotoverjet is an adventure jet boat tour company based in Queenstown, New Zealand. The company was started in 1970s and now has locations now in New Zealand, Fiji, Cancun and Acapulco. In Acapulco the jets travel through a tropical lagoon alongside some of the tallest mangroves in the world. The boats reach speeds of 70kmph and are famous for their 365 degree rotations. Boats generally hold nine or ten passengers.

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Fun Facts:

La Quebrada diver Iris Selene Alvarez is in the Guinness Book of World Record as the youngest person to dive off the cliffs. She is 12 years old.

Guests Include:

Elvia Zavala, Managing Director, Crowne Plaza Acapulco.

Cesar Zapata Gonzalez,Director of International Promotion for the Secretary of Tourism of Acapulco.

Angel David Castrejon, Acapulco Cliff Diver, Clavadistas De La Quebrada.       

Ana Mejia, PR Manager, Shotover Jet.

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