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Traveling Feet - February 7, 2009 - Shownotes & Audio Archive

“Traveling Feet” Broadcasts Live From the New York Times Travel Show; The Radisson Resort, Marina and Spa in Saint Martin; The Ardilaund Hotel in County Galway; The Volvo Ocean Race; The Giving Tree Outreach Program Participants and Castle Oaks House Hotel; The Irish collection of Select Hotels; Homeric of Tours; Mediterranean Classic Cruises; Blue Bay Resorts - Mexico; Puerto Rico Tourism and the Mexico Tourism Board.

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Hour 1

Topics Include:

“Traveling Feet” broadcasts live from the 2009 New York Times Travel Show at the Jacob Javits Center. The Show is open until 6pm today and from 10am – 4pm on Sunday February 8, 2009.

The tropical island of St. Martin is comprised of two territories divided between France and the Netherlands Antilles. The Radisson Saint Martin Resort, Marina and Spa is located in the northwest part of the Caribbean island at Anse Marcel on the French side. $80 million USD was recently invested in restructuring the property. The resort has 252 guest rooms and 63 suites. There is a swimming pool at the resort that is approximately the size of a football field. It is one of the largest pools in the Caribbean.

The resort is located in a cove surrounded by three mountains and is extremely private. Activities include cooking classes, wine tasting, water aerobics and many other water sports. The hotel offers many accommodations with balconies perfect for relaxation and enjoying the beautiful view. You can count on French cuisine like fois gras and crepes to be available on the restaurant's menu.

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The Ardilaund Hotel is a 46-year-old property that is family operated. Owners John and Breda Ryan are members of Skal, the International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals.  The property is one hour from the Shannon airport and is in a secluded residential setting in Salthill, County Galway. The hotel has 5 acres of grounds, traditional style housing and is a mile from the city center.  It started as a townhouse in the 1840s and was converted to a hotel in the early 1960s.

Participants of the Volvo Ocean race will arrive in Galway the 23rd of May. The Volvo Ocean Race is a yacht race around the world that takes place every 3 years.

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Stephanie gives kind thanks to the staff of the Castle Oaks House Hotel for treating guests of hers graciously. Stephanie sponsored a 23 night tour of Ireland for three teenagers from the Giving Tree Outreach program and their two chaperones.

For more information visit:

The Castle Oaks House Hotel in Ireland dates back to the 1830's and is situated in a little village outside Limerick on the banks of the River Shannon. It has 26 acres of landscape gardens and 22 garden suites.

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Select Hotels is a collection of independently owned hotels throughout Ireland. After booking your flight to Ireland, Select Hotels will help find the perfect authentically Irish hotel at an affordable rate.

For more information visit or call 1800 666-Irish.


Travel Deals:

There is a lot of international airfare out there for under $400 USD. Air France is offering a flight from JFK to Paris and then on to Dublin (with no time stipulations on the stay in Paris) for $275 USD plus tax.

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Guests Include:

Dennis Heron, Director of Leisure Sales, Radisson Aruba Resort & Casino, Radisson St. Martin Resort.

Maria Kelly, Sales & Marketing Manager, The Ardilaund Hotel.
PR officer, Skal in Galway.

Gobnait O'Connell, Representative, Castle Oaks House Hotel: Holiday Village and Country Club, Limerick.

Derry Cronin, Managing Director, Select Hotels Ireland and Specialized Travel Services.

Hour 2

Topics Include:

Greece is a country of great people, great food and incredible history and culture. It is also the only place to get a truly authentic Mediterranean salad.

Nikos Tsakanikas founded Homeric Tours after moving to America from Greece. Homeric is now the leading tour operator for Greece in the US. The company offers several “faith based” travel offers with religious itineraries in Italy, Israel, Jordan, Greece and Turkey. There is the “foot-steps of Saint Paul” tour in Greece, the Jewish faith explored at the port city of Salonika, 17 revelations in Turkey, Jordan, where Moses received the Ten Commandments, and Israel, which speaks for itself. The company celebrated its 40th anniversary this year.

For more information visit

Andy Christo returns to “Traveling Feet” to discuss the benefit of combining cruising with land trips. Mediterranean Classic Cruises is a new name for the Monarch Classic Cruise line. There was a large capital infusion into the brand and they now have new partners and new ships. Mediterranean Classic Cruises provides “land-enhanced” itineraries. They focus on historical parts of the world and are able to visit up to two ports a day. There is a close proximity between ports and none of the vessels host over 1000 passengers. The cruises visit Europe, Asia and Africa and offer an advantage to people who are less physically able to do intensive traveling.

For more information visit

Food and drink costs can quickly add up at a resort. Blue Bay Resorts is renowned for its all-inclusive properties. It is consistently on the list of top five resorts found on travel search engines. Mexico is a destination that offers valuable experience. Blue Bay Resorts provides unique properties in several of Mexico's most amazing locations.

For more information visit

Most Puerto Rican tourists have only visited the city of San Juan. There are diverse towns and fishing villages all over the island and Puerto Rico Tourism seeks to promote the Commonwealth in its entirety. There are two international airports in addition to several regional airports. The island hosts the famed Ponce Leon Museum of Art as well as one of the oldest members of Historic Hotels of America, Hotel El Convento. Puerto Rico also offers a rainforest experience and an opportunity to explore a rich 500 year history.

For more information visit:

Mexico is famed for its beaches but has so much more. A point of interest that is often unexplored by tourists is Native Tarahumara dancing. The Yucatan Tourism Board offers information about the Peninsula and its Mayan history. Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta are other must visit cities.

Fun Facts:

Puerto Rico was once a colony of Spain and became an American Territory in 1898 after the Spanish American War.

Guests Include:
John A. Klados, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Homeric Tours.

Andy Christo, Vice President Mediteranian Classic Cruises.

Reyson Pimentel, VP Sales, BlueBay Resorts.

Gabriel Emanelli, Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

Clara Torres Marquez, Deputy Director, Mexican Tourism Board.

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