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Hotelier Mel Haber and “Palm Springs a la Carte”; Blue Bay Resorts' Los Angeles Locos; Family Owned Dooley Car Rental; Kinsale Ghost Tours in Ireland.

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Topics Include:

Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams was recently a guest of the Berkshire Crowne Plaza in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Though she lives only a few minutes away, Stephanie had not stayed at the hotel in years. It became a necessity when she and others in Western Massachusetts lost power due to severe weather conditions. Stephanie always recommends the Berkshire Crowne to friends who come to the area and her short stay helped to remind her why.

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Stephanie recently ordered the book “Palm Springs a la Carte”, the biography of Palm Springs hotelier, Mel Haber. The book was a collaborative work between Haber and celebrity biographer Marshall Terrill. The main philosophy of the book, says Mel, is “If I can make it, anyone can”. Haber states that he has owned several successful restaurants but to this day “can't cook a hamburger, make a Bloody Mary or open a cash register door”. He claims that success comes from hard work, tenacity and listening to the customer. If you understand the basics and are willing to work, you can achieve anything.

Mel Haber owns the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs which is a restored historic inn. The inn and its restaurant Melvyn's have received countless celebrities over the years. Frank Sinatra had his pre-wedding dinner at Melvyn's the night before he married Barbara Marx. On the opening night of Melvyn's, Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw showed up on a motorcycle. Haber didn't recognize the celebrity couple and politely asked them to leave. McQueen smiled at him and drove away. Only later did Haber realize his mistake.

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Blue Bay Resort's Los Angeles Locos in Tenacitita Bay, Manzanillo, Mexico is offering low holiday rates during select booking times. Room rates start at $80 USD per person and, like all Blue Bay Resorts, are part of an all-inclusive package. The all-inclusive amenities at Los Angeles Locos includes free horseback riding on the beach, all meals, all snacks and all drinks. Each guest room has a spectacular view of the ocean. The resort is family friendly and offers a “kids club” for those 12 years of age and younger.

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Travel Tips:

Even during the Christmas and New Years periods travelers can find great airfare on select dates. If you're departure and return dates are flexible consider flying on the day of a holiday.

Guests Include:

Mel Haber, Owner of the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs, California.
Co-author of “Palm Springs a la Carte”.

Laila Petrone, Sales Manager USA for BlueBay Resorts.

Hour 2

Topics Include:

Renting a car while on vacation gives you the opportunity to travel independently. When Stephanie travels to Ireland she always chooses Ireland's only independent car rental company, Dooley Car Rental. Dooley has a different transactional approach to car rentals. The company offers inclusive packages with no hidden costs. It is a unique family business. There are three Dooleys at Dooley Car Rentals, founder Dan Dooley and his two sons. The staff is considered family as well.

Ireland is a world-class golfing destination. Dooley Car Rental caters to golfers and provides automobiles with a lot of space such as station wagons, mini vans and larger buses. For those concerned about driving on the opposite side of the road CEO Patrick Dooley recommends driving an automatic. Most become quickly acclimated to the change.

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Click here to listen to Stephanie's interview with Sir John Leslie as he tells ghost stories about his home estate Castle Leslie and other family ancestral homes. Sir John Leslie's father Shane Leslie published a collection of ghost stories.

Brian O'Neil founded Kinsale Ghost Tours in the historic town of Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland with friend David Peare. Peare had studied acting in Dublin. He came to Kinsale to get married. As an employed actor, ghost tours seemed the next logical step. Kinsale has many old buildings such as the St. Mulsose Church which was built in 1190. The tours are also very humorous and playful.

The tour starts at the oldest bar in Kinsale the Tap Tavern, which is owned by the O'Neil family. The tavern is the site of a 15th century medieval well. Guests are then taken to the 13th century Desmond Castle which was made famous by a fire in 1747. The property had been converted to a naval prison in the 17th century as has been since known as the French Prison. 54 French prisoners were killed. The tour group reenacts the fire and has ghosts run through the crowd shouting French obscenities. The remaining prisoners that did not die in the fire were taken to the Charles Fort.

The Charles Fort is the site of Kinsale's most famous ghost, the White Lady. The White Lady was a woman who died on her wedding night along the battlements. She had asked her husband to pick her flowers that grew on the rocks beneath the wall. She found him dead and then threw herself on the battlement.

Tours are performed at night. In the high seasons of June, July, September and parts of October the tour operates 6 days a week, three times a night. In the off season, large groups can book tours by request. Tours are limited to 50 people. Join Stephanie on a Kinsale ghost tour as part of her Treasures of Ireland itinerary.

Guests Include:

Pat Dooley, CEO, Dooley Car Rental..

Brian O'Neill, Co- Founder, Ghost Tours of Kinsale, Ireland.

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