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“Traveling Feet” Broadcasts Live from the Lough Erne Golf Resort; Erne Heritage Tours and Lake Cruising in County Fermanagh, Ireland; Luxury Accommodations, Golf, Fishing and Food at the Lough Erne Golf Resort.

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Hour 1

Topics Include:

“Traveling Feet” is broadcasting live from Enniskillen, Ireland at the Lough Erne Golf Resort. In the nearby village of Belleek is a visitors centre and the Belleek Pottery Museum. The museum has early earthenware pieces and beautiful porcelain objects. Belleek is the oldest and longest established pottery center in Ireland.

John B. Cunningham, historian, writer genealogist and owner of Erne Heritage Tours, joins “Traveling Feet” to discuss the area of County Fermanagh. There are amazing sightseeing spots in County Fermanagh that include vantage points which overlook Lough Erne from over a thousand feet.

Many churches and monasteries were built in County Fermanagh as early as the 6th century. Devenish Island was a monastic site for thousands of years. Boa Island is the site of a two-faced “Janus” figure (Janus is a roman deity). It is a pre-Christian statue thought to represent a Celtic god. Fermanagh also has stone circles in Drumskinny and Montiaghroe.

Castle Coole in County Fermanagh belongs to the National Trust and is open to visitors year round. It was built in the early eighteen hundreds. The stone used in its construction was imported from the south of England. Inside the home are preserved antique furniture and paintings.

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The Lough Erne Golf Resort offers country-chic accommodations. It is an hour and a half from Belfast and two and a half hours from Dublin. The resort has 120 rooms, 61 of which are luxury lakeland lodges. The lodges offer two or three circular bedrooms perfect for families, large parties or those who need the extra privacy. There are 59 guest rooms and suites in the main part of the building. The hotel looks like a castle and the individual lodges look like Don Quixote windmills.

The Lough Erne's championship quality course was designed by Nick Faldo. The course opens July of 2009 and is Faldo's first Irish golf coruse. There are 18 holes, 14 of which have water in view. It is already recognized as one of the top courses in the world. The resort also offers a unique authentic Thai spa rarely experienced outside of Thailand.

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County Fermanagh has two major lakes, the Upper and Lower Lough Erne. Following the Good Friday Agreement, Enniskillen, in County Fermanagh was set up as the Headquarters of Waterways Ireland which oversees inland navigations. The Good Friday Agreement, or Belfast Agreement, was established in 1998 and was an international agreement between Britain and Ireland. Political parties of Ireland gathered to discuss ending the violence between Northern and Southern Ireland. The agreement contained several provisions and marked the end of London's direct rule in Northern Ireland.

Enniskillen in County Fermanagh is one of Northern Ireland's only island towns. It is also unique in that it has both a municipal museum and a military museum. Enniskillen was distinct in the British Isles for raising two regiments of the army.

Fermanagh County is appreciated for its water, skyline and greenery. A notable attraction is the Marble Geopark. It is one of only two Geoparks in Ireland and is the first Trans-national Geopark. To be called a Geopark a location must contain multiple sites of scientific importance.

There are three National Trust houses in Fermanagh County that were built after plantation times in the early 1600s: the Florence Court, Castle Coole and Castle Crom. The plantation period in Ireland was when the settlers from Scotland and Wales took over castle homes. The lands were granted to Britain colonists (planters) by the British Crown.

Click here to listen to Stephanie's interview of Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume. John Hume was instrumental in the peace process in Northern Ireland.

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Enniskillen Airport is privately owned and was formerly a municipal property run by the local authority. It is growing as a corporate and flight-training airport and has corporate jets and business helicopters. There are also three flight schools on site. Flights to the golf courses in Scotland are only 40 to 50 minutes long. The planes and helicopters fly scenic routes over the Lough Erne and Donegal coast.

Fun Facts:

The Upper Lough Erne is in the south while the Lower Lough Erne is in the north.

Guests Include:

John B. Cunningham, Historian, Owner of Erne Heritage Tours, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

Jonathan Stapleton, General Manager, Lough Erne Resort, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

Alex Baird, Councilor, Fermanagh Ulster Unionist Party, County Fermanagh.

Tony Ringland, Director, Corportate Aircraft Maagement, Enniskillen Airport.

Hour 2

Topics Include:

The Lough Erne Golf Resort is centrally located on the southern boarder region of County Fermanagh. It is a wonderful place for touring both Northern Ireland and the cross borders region.

County Fermanagh is dominated by an 80-mile stretch of waterway that is Lough Erne. Visitors are able to tour the nearby attractions of the county by both land and water. In Enniskillen there are water buses that fit approximately 60 people. Two to three hour public tours are offered daily. Alternatively, visitors can also rent a cruiser that can fit 2 to 8 people. Lough Erne has several cabin cruiser companies. The boats are generally 35 feet long and are perfect for exploring the area and as an overnight accommodation. If you can drive a car you can charter a cruiser. Travelers are given instructions and a very detailed map of the area.

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The term “ghillie” is the Scottish-Irish word for guide. Patrick Trotter is a master ghillie and the resident angling instructor of Lough Erne Golf Resort. Trotter also coordinates fishing trips in the Fermanagh area. The fishing in the lough is mainly fly-fishing for trout. Most Lough Erne visitors practice catch and release, though some guests do have their catch cooked at the hotel. The trout species in Fermanagh are generally brown trout and rainbow trout.

The golf course at Lough Erne is an amalgamation of design born out of experiences from around the world. It has a fantastic drainage system for the days when it rains in Fermanagh. The course was developed by famous golf course-architect, Nick Faldo and has spectacular natural scenery. You don't hear aircrafts or road noises from the course. It offers a sophisticated design that competes with top-level golf courses worldwide.

Famed Irish chef Noel McMeel catered John McCarthy's wedding at Castle Leslie in 2002. McMeel is now the Executive Chef at the Lough Erne Golf Resort. McMeel believes strongly in using fresh product from local providers. In addition to the dining room experience, McMeel also offers a grazing menu at the hotel's bar. The menu options provide smaller portions that are well presented and of particular style and elegance.

Fun Facts:

The Scottish-Irish word “ghillie” is also spelled “gille” and “gillie”.

Guests Include:

Tanya Cathcart, Marketing Manager, Fermanagh Lakeland Tourism, Northern Ireland.

Patrick Trotter, Master Ghillie, Resident Game and Angling Instructor, Lough Erne Golf Resort, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

Andy Campbell, Director of Golf, Lough Erne Golf Resort.

Noel McMeel, Executive Chef, Lough Erne Golf Resort.

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