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June 2007.

-- Tips for Business Travelers from
Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams.

Boston: The Center of So Much to See!


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Quincy, MA:  This charming town is filled with American history! You'll find the historic mansions of the family that provided the US with two presidents: John Adams and John Quincy Adams. It's also the birthplace of John Hancock whose signature on the Declaration of Independance has become synonomous with boldly affixing a signature to a document as in, "Put your John Hancock right there!" You'll find this historic town filled with history and charm. Consider arriving in Quincy by boat to miss the Boston traffic. You'll find that Harbor Express provides daily boat service to Quincy. They are also the folks who operate the New England Aquarium Whale Watch which I consider to be the best whale watching offering available!

Plymouth Plantation, Plymouth, MA: Step into the location of the original settlement built on a hillside the inclines down to the Atlantic Ocean. This historic village is unique in that it is a “working village” where the people who populate the exhibits you visit are producing everything you see there from the baked goods to the millinery shop keeper. Moreover, the people who acts as guides to facilitate your learning about this early American settlement at each of the exhibits assume the character and personal history of the settlers they represent. They are each actors who step into the persona of someone who actually lived at Plymouth. When you ask questions about their daily lives and their family members, they'll be well versed with the answers. But if you ask a question about a cell phone or an automobile, the subject matter will not compute since these items did not exist in the 1600's. If your family came over on the Mayflower and settled at Plymouth, you'll be able to find someone at Plymouth Plantation who will be happy to meet you as their kin, even if they think you dress and speak peculiarly!

Sturbridge, MA:  Unlike Plymouth Plantation which is a restored village representative of what Plymouth looked like when the colonists lived there, Sturbridge was created by bringing together, from a variety of locales, buildings which early settlers lived in and used in the course of their commercial endeavors. You'll see lots of buildings from the colonial period that have been relocated to this wonderful site allowing you to step into the past. Be sure to have a meal or snack at one of the restaurants of the period. You can't put a price tag on the experience of stepping into the candlelit past!

Springfield, MA:  On your drive westward across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you're going to whiz by the Basketball Hall of Fame if you're not paying attention! So slow down as you get into the Springfield area on Route 91! They've built the third new building to house this special monument to America's only All-American sport! Invented by James Naismith who wanted to create a sport that could be played indoors during the harsh winter months and that would minimize body contact to insure minimal risk of injury, this special museum focuses on the achievements of so many athletes whose efforts are memorialized here. If you're staying in Boston, you can reach the Basketball Hall of Fame in about 90 minutes, enjoy your visit, and be back in Boston with half a day to spare!

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