December 25, 2007


Travel Expert Radio Show Host Stephanie Abrams Issues 10 Reasons to
Visit US Virgin Islands in 2008

Boston, MA- December 25, 2007- While travel expert Stephanie Abrams prepares for six live broadcasts in January 2008 from the US Virgin Islands, people ask why she has chosen the USVI for her nationally syndicated radio show Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams, heard coast-to-coast on the Business TalkRadio© Network on Sundays, and Saturdays' nationally syndicated Traveling Feet where Abrams appears as the travel expert. Abrams responds, “Just being asked the question proves the USVI is a misunderstood destination! It's going to be a challenge to cover the subject in six two-hour broadcasts! ” Abrams hopes her broadcasts, starting January 5th , will motivate travelers to stay in this American tropical paradise.

Sailboat off the coast of St. Marten

Richard Doumeng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the USVI Hotel and Tourism Association (USVI HTA) comments, “We are so looking forward to having Stephanie Abrams coming to the USVI. With her audience on the airwaves and internet, her reach is wide. Having such a strong advocate for the USVI is exciting. Stephanie's visits include a wide variety of hotels, attractions and cultural/historic sites which will benefit her audiences' understanding of the multi-dimensional experience of USVI visitors.”

Abrams believes cruise visitors don't experience the USVI. “They stop to shop and never really see the USVI but think they have!” She explains that 75% of her January programming is about the USVI. “There's so much to talk about!” Abrams' “10 Compelling Reasons to Visit the USVI” will be posted at with photos and broadcast notes.

Shows will originate from Bolongo Bay Beach Resort and Frenchman's Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort in St. Thomas and the Westin St. John. Abrams' visits with a variety of hoteliers and attractions, facilitated by Richard Doumeng, set the groundwork for future features about the destination. Abrams notes that, while each of the islands of the USVI is uniquely different, “the American imprint on this tropical paradise adds special appeal that travelers value.”

‘I'm delighted she's visiting my family's place, Bolongo Bay Beach Resort,” Doumeng remarks. “But we are a small intimate place and there is so much more these islands have to offer. On behalf of the USVI HTA, I want her to visit other hotels and restaurants and experience how much there is to do on our small island group.”

Abrams' reasons to visit the USVI include: English language/ US dollar currency; pristine waters for scuba, yachting, deep-sea fishing; family fun; romantic settings; photographer's paradise boasting historic castles, lush tropical plants, spectacular mountaintop views; championship golf courses; spas; three diverse islands; lodgings for every lifestyle, expectation and budget from secluded luxury to beachcombers' condos; beach BBQ lobster-bakes to fine dining; and $1600 per person duty-free allowance plus US citizens DO NOT NEED A PASSPORT!

“That ties this beautiful tropical gift together,” Abrams concludes.

Stephanie Abrams

Richard Doumeng