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"Ease of UK hand baggage restrictions"

The UK government's Department for Transport has announced revisions to the restrictions in place for hand baggage carried on all UK departing flights. Effective Friday, September 22, 2006, the following measures will apply:

* Air travellers departing from a UK airport or transferring through a UK airport are now allowed to carry onboard one larger industry standard bag, with dimensions to 22ins x 18ins x 10ins (56cm x 45cm x 25cm).

* Air travellers departing from the USA or Canada, are still allowed to carry onboard one industry standard bag with dimensions to 22ins x 18ins x 10ins (56cm x 45cm x 25cm) plus one briefcase, laptop computer bag or equivalent.

(Please note: US/Canada originating travellers are still subject to UK measures when departing or transiting a UK airport.)

In addition, customers who need to carry with them musical instruments may now carry them through security search provided they can be x-rayed.

Restrictions still apply on items allowed through security. The following items must not be carried in the cabin bag:
• Liquid cosmetics
• All toiletries
• All liquids
• All drinks

Cigarette lighters must not be carried through security. They may be purchased airside and carried onto an aircraft on the person, except for flights to the USA. They must not be carried in a cabin bag.

Items previously prohibited in cabin baggage, such as sharp objects, should not be carried onboard. Cabin bags may contain the following:
• Electronic equipment, including laptops, mobile phones, MP3 players, portable music and
DVD players, digital and film cameras, video cameras.
• Essential medicines in liquid form, in quantities of less than 50ml.
• Baby milk and liquid baby food (the contents of each bottle MUST be tasted by the
accompanying guardian.
• Solid cosmetics

Strollers and walking aids, including wheelchairs, are permitted but must be security screened.

Customers whose bags exceed the permitted dimensions will be asked to check them in and the airport security team will confiscate prohibited items.

Extra restrictions are in place for customers travelling to the USA from the UK. Customers will not be permitted to take any liquid or gel items purchased anywhere in the airport terminal into the aircraft cabin. All food and beverage items must be consumed before boarding.

If your clients are transferring through a UK airport onto another flight, please remind them not to purchase any duty free liquids or perfume, as these may be confiscated in transit at London when they go through the security check.

If your customers are transferring through a UK airport onto another flight and have more than the permitted allowance, they will have to go through arrivals, (including Customs and Passport Control) and proceed to the check-in area to check-in the excess items. This could lead to the possibility of your clients being off-loaded from their connecting flight.

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