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Persistent Visions Catapults sabrams.com to Bronze Award for Best Website
from League of American Communications Professionals 2006 Spotlight Awards
Persistent Visions Catapults Sabrams.com to Bronze Award for Best Website From League of American Communications Professionals 2006 Spotlight Awards
Pittsfield, MA – February 2007 – For the fifth consecutive year, the official website of travel expert and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Stephanie Abrams, has captured a Best Website Award from the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). Abrams website, www.sabrams.com, is an extension of Abrams' media mission to provide travelers with an information source that includes audio travel tips, archived audio of, “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!” which she hosts weekly on the Business TalkRadio Network, archived shows on which Abrams regularly appears as the Travel Expert, such as Traveling Feet, and other relevant information for the traveling public and travel professionals. The website has consistently caught the attention of the LACP judges and been honored as “excellent and superb” in the areas of design, creativity, the quality of its visual content, narrative content, message clarity, message relevance, and overall first impression, according to evaluation and analysis of the site provided by the LACP judging committee.
Persistent Visions
Abrams points out the she is a major contributor and the final authority on all content that is posted to the site which resulted in top scores for narrative content, message clarity and message relevance. “But all areas related to graphics and artistic design and creativity, in which we scored so incredibly well, we credit to the creative team at Persistent Visions (www.persistentvisions.com) whose graphic skills and artistic direction are completely responsible for our scoring fabulously in the categories of Visual Content, Creativity, and First Impression. They understand how to take our vision of what the website should be and reflect our brand image, message and mission to create a functional website that reflects all of that in a well-designed site that is continually bringing a fresh look and new information to our ever-evolving website. They are a very important part of our team,” Abrams states, “and they are a joy to work with!”

Among the judges comments of which Abrams says she is most proud are such remarks as: “very clean design; quite elegant; definitely communicates class.” Abrams says her favorite comment relates to the technical side of www.sabrams.com for which Persistent Visions is also responsible. “When the evaluation report states, ‘Web site's navigation is very intuitive and easy to use. Kudos on keeping things simple!' you know you have touched an important nerve,” Abrams notes. “We have over 9,000 pages on the www.sabrams.com website and keeping things ‘elegant but simple' has been one of our goals. It's great when things work the way you want them to and when the people you are working with pull in the same direction with you! In the category of Visual Content Quality, we took 10 out of 10 points and we can credit Persistent Visions for the excellence of their work in providing great artistic direction for our site,” Abrams states.

Christine Kennedy, LACP Managing Director, remarks about www.sabrams.com, “Overall we find this work to be superb. The first impression presented by this project is excellent while the narrative and visual design are excellent and superb, respectively. We find the level of creativity exhibited to be excellent, which is supported by excellent message clarity,” she notes. Further explaining the judges finding, Kennedy states, “Our belief is that the target audience will find the level of relevance to be excellent, demonstrating the success of this project in connecting with the right people and delivering a highly applicable and persuasive message. In summary, we congratulate the entire team involved with this year's work. We classify this entry as being among the top 215 of all communications materials judged by LACP this year,” Kennedy concludes.

Abrams' website includes a comprehensive “411” for travelers, an audio library of interviews with global leaders in travel, tourism and hospitality, a photo gallery providing unique insights into a growing visual library of destinations and attractions worldwide, news and commentary of special interest to travelers. Also posted to the website is Information on broadcasts for current and past editions of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams, heard Sundays weekly coast-to-coast on the Business TalkRadio Network in the 7pm-9pm ET timeslot. The show also streams live online, is iPOD-cast and also airs on the Lifestyle TalkRadio Network. Information on a variety of radio and TV programs on which Abrams appears in her role as travel expert is also available on the site.

“The most exciting thing for me,” Abrams states, “is that I got exactly what I wanted in a site that represents my company and it's a winner once again! I sat in boardroom meetings in the mid-90's, before I ventured out on my own, being told what can't be done on a website, how unaffordable it would be to implement my ideas, and how no company had enough time or enough money to create what I envisioned, “ Abrams explains. “ I remember being told by a tech team of ridiculously highly paid consultants that I just didn't understand what is possible and what is not and I was repeatedly told that the things I wanted to see done would take ‘ten months and cost $10,000,000!' Being able to control the direction of my site, it is unbelievably gratifying that Persistent Visions, who is responsible for all of our technical and artistic creativity , understands my vision, has the creative and technical talent to achieve recognized excellence year and year for us, and can deliver a product that positions www.sabrams.com on a list of LACP 2006 Spotlight Award winners that include, in various communications categories, such well-known companies as: Kodak, Coldwell Banker, GE Corporate, Raytheon Company, Toyota Motor Sales USA, U.S. Agency for International Development. Clearly,” Abrams concludes, “we are very proud to be in such good company and to prove that if you can imagine it, you can make it happen!”