June 7, 2006 7:00 am US Eastern Timezone




"Flylink Travel Launches Travelers on Da Vinci Code Trail and Film Festivals with Cheap Airfare to Worldwide Destinations"


LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Flylink Travel's website, www.flylinktravel.com, has become the hub of activity for travelers searching for cheap airfares to follow the Da Vinci Code trail and to world capitals and major cities worldwide to participate in film festivals, according to Arti Singh, Flylink Travel's marketing director. The company's web site makes it time and cost-efficient to connect with major carriers worldwide with one-stop shopping to buy the best route inexpensively, to get to destinations where film festivals are taking place and to find the dramatic settings and historic places that films like the Da Vinci Code present.

Searching for the Da Vinci Code trail? Travel expert Stephanie Abrams, host of the nationally syndicated radio show Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams and weekly guest travel expert on radio's Traveling Feet, suggests that you make Flylink Travel your first stop for tickets to Paris, London and Edinburgh, Scotland. "Between their low-cost airfare options, the convenience of buying online, plus the help of Flylink Travel's professionals with a toll-free phone call, you'll get exactly what you want and the guidance you need," Abrams explains.

Among the film festivals that Abrams cites as noteworthy in 2006 are the July festivals in Rome, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Korea; August in Finland; September in Sweden; October in Tokyo, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg; November in England, and December in India. "Film festivals are wonderful opportunities for travelers to have one more attraction at an already exciting destination. Flylink Travel provides cheap fares to Puerta Plata, Domincan Republic to help travelers participate in The Dominican International Film Festival at Sun Village Resorts, November 6-12, 2006, as well!" Abrams notes.

Flylink Travel's cheap airfares to world capitals including Bangkok, Athens, Cairo, Johannesburg, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Vietnam, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Caribbean destinations, provides travelers with affordable access to exciting events globally, according to Singh. "Our ability to send travelers to global locations to participate in film festivals and follow the trail of locations seen in films, economically, and to follow their unique interests around the world, while saving them money on airfare costs, is what we do best," Singh explains.

Flylink Travel's multi-lingual staff provides web buyers with the opportunity to get personal assistance at 800-799-1321. Travelers can book complex itineraries, get "best fare available" quotes, email questions and requests, and speak to travel specialists for the destinations in question during 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. weekday business hours in every U.S. time zone. "If assistance is necessary in a language other than English, you'll find our team replicates what you'd expect to hear at the UN with staffers who speak fluent Russian, Turkish, Romanian, Farci, Arabic, Iranian, French, Spanish, and an array of Pacific Rim languages from the Philippines to the Indian Sub-continent," Singh concludes.


Stephanie B. Abrams