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"BBC TV & BBC Radio Cover U.S. Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams' 'Travel Fairy Godmother' Gift-Trip to Scotland for Nathan Warmack at 'Home' in His Kilt!"

Boston, MA – June 2006 – Nationally syndicated radio travel expert, Stephanie Abrams, rated one of the One Hundred Most Powerful Women in Travel, flew to Scotland to be there for the arrival of Nathan Warmack and his parents yesterday. Nathan caught Abrams' attention last fall when he was denied entry to his high school dance by the Jackson High School principal who deemed Nathan's kilt improper attire to attend the Missouri high school dance. While Nathan and his parents mediated with the school board to change its dress code to allow for the display of cultural diversity and pride in heritage, Abrams set about to provide Nathan with the opportunity to commune with his Scottish heritage in the only place that made sense: Scotland!

“When I read the story about Nathan's plight, I was confounded that, in the 21st century, a young man could be barred from a school event for showing up in a kilt,” Abrams explains. “One would have to have a very narrow view of the world to not see the value of this historical connection between Nathan and this history of his family. When I tracked down Nathan's dad, I asked him if he would mind if the ‘Stephanie Abrams Travel Fairy Godmother' whipped out her magic wand and whisked the family off to Scotland. It was clear to me that, while having permission to wear his kilt to events at school and elsewhere in Missouri, what Nathan really needed was the opportunity to stand on Scottish soil, breathe Scottish air and visit the historic sites in Scotland he has only read and dreamed about. So I set about, with the help of so many friends in the travel industry, to send Nathan and his parents to Scotland for nine glorious days!”

As the plans evolved for the Warmacks to fly from St. Louis, MO to Edinburgh, Scotland on Continental Airlines, from which they would drive away in a Mercedes provided by 1car1 Car Rental, the largest independent car rental company in the UK, and head for 5- star historic castle hotels including Dalhousie Castle near Edinburgh and Glenapp Castle near Loch Lomond, Abrams' enthusiasm for meeting the Warmacks grew. “A bond had grown between us and I'd never met them so I decided I had to be at Edinburgh Airport to surprise them upon their arrival yesterday!” Abrams explains. “It was a grand moment, indeed! I had them follow in their car to Dalhousie Castle where Andrew Sharp, the resident historian and bagpiper of the castle, was there for an official welcome along with BBC 1 who captured both radio and TV interviews with Nathan and myself. The Scotsman, Scotland's national newspaper caught a great shot of Nathan on the terrace adjacent to the spa at Dalhousie just above the lawn of their Falconry where antique canons adorn the area. Unfortunately, the report was a bit confused with the facts of how Nathan's trip came into being and the scope of the trip. I expect to have the BBC video and audio clips archived on my award-winning website, www.sabrams.com, shortly so those who were not lucky enough to be in Scotland and missed those reports can hear about Nathan's experience first hand,” Abrams notes.

Abrams hosts the weekly “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!” on the Business TalkRadio™ Network (www.businesstalkradio.net), heard by 4 million radio listeners coast-to-coast on Sundays in the US, and appears weekly on Saturdays on “Traveling Feet” on the Matrix Media Network.

While the Warmacks head out on their own adventure in search of their family history, Abrams and her staff, consisting of her producer, David Isby, and sound engineer, broadcast “Traveling Feet!” from Dalhousie Castle and “Travel WITH Stephanie Abram!” from Cringletie House, made time for golfing at St. Andrews, visited Rosslyn Chapel which has received a burst of attention due to its Da Vinci Code connection, met with the Duke of Roxburgh at his magnificent home, the largest inhabited home in Scotland, Floors Castle, where Prince Albert proposed to Fergie, and met The Laird Blackburn of Fernie Castle at his wonderful castle hotel, just 15 minutes from the Old Course at St. Andrews and 45 minutes from Edinburgh.

“I'm so glad that my Travel Fairy Godmother activities created the motivation for me to make another trip to Scotland. It is a glorious destination and a must for every traveler interested in history, architecture, gorgeous landscapes, golfing, charming and quaint towns and villages, and the serenity that comes from the combined experience. And you have a Scottish connection through your family tree, like the Warmacks, a trip to Scotland isn't a luxury. It's a necessity!” Abrams concludes.


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