April 26, 2006, 7:00 am US Eastern Timezone




"Flylink Travel Celebrates Worldwide Destinations' Birthday Festivals with Cheapest Airfares for Travelers"

Flylink Travel (www.flylinktravel.com) is celebrating birthday events in major worldwide destinations by offering cheap airfares to world capitals including Bangkok, Athens, Cairo, Johannesburg, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Hanoi, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Caribbean destinations, to provide travelers with affordable access to exciting events globally, according to Arti Singh, Flylink Travel's Marketing Director. "Our 'Global Birthday Party Airfare Sale' is designed to help travelers visit destinations celebrating special anniversary events, economically, so that they can participate in unique travel opportunities while saving on airfare costs," Singh explains.

Destinations that are celebrating 'birthdays' create events to maximize the celebration for its citizens and visitors which often include parades, processions, galas, dramatic fireworks display, food festivals, flotillas, concerts and outdoor musical events, grand floral displays, folkloric dancing complete with historic and colorful costumes, special dramatic re-enactments of historic events, athletic competitions and displays of artwork and historic documents to round-out the variety of ways in which the historic remembrance is honored.

When travel expert and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Stephanie Abrams, was asked about the appeal of birthday celebrations she explained, "Destinations comes to life with festivals to honor events and people whose contributions are reflected in that destination. Travelers participate in the destination in a memorable way," Abrams explains. "Flylink Travel's unique ability to make far-off destinations on every continent, as well as Caribbean destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Cancun, and Jamaica, affordable, allows more travelers the chance to experience living history."

When asked to identify significant worldwide destination birthday celebrations, Abrams' responds with, "the charming city of Dresden in the Saxony, Germany, is celebrating its 800th birthday this year. A flight into Berlin or Frankfort positions the traveler to head for Saxony to enjoy events related to Mozart's 250th birthday being celebrated in Dresden and Leipzig. Then follow the Mozart festival trail to Vienna and Salzburg. And consider heading for Bangkok for the diamond Jubilee celebration of the 60th anniversary of the reign of the King of Thailand, the longest reigning living monarch."

Flylink Travel's multi-lingual staff provides web buyers with the opportunity to get personal assistance at (800) 799-1321. This customized service compliments the comprehensive online content which provides, "the best international content available on the web," states Singh. Travelers can book complex itineraries, get "best fare available" quotes, email questions and requests, and speak to travel specialists for the destinations in question during 9:30am to 6:30pm weekday in every U.S. time zone. If assistance is necessary in a language other than English, you'll find our team replicates what you'd expect to hear at the UN with staffers who speak fluent Russian, Turkish, Romanian, Farsi, Arabic, Iranian, French, Spanish, and an array of Pacific Rim languages from the Philippines to the Indian Sub-continent," Singh concludes.


Stephanie B. Abrams