Jan. 10, 2006, 7:00 am US Eastern Timezone




"Radio Show Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams Debuts ‘Traveling Paws' in Spring Issue of Fido Friendly Magazine, Publisher Sims Announces"


Boston, MA – January 2006 – Radio's leading travel expert, Stephanie Abrams, host of the nationally syndicated travel show, Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams, and premier travel authority on the radio show Traveling Feet, will make her debut in the March issue of Fido Friendly Magazine with travel tips on pet-friendly destinations, hotels, attractions, and information of value to travelers with dogs. Each quarter, her new column, Stephanie Abrams' Traveling Paws, will inform Fido Friendly readers about travel trends including Fido-friendly restaurants and foreign travel. According to Publisher and co-founder, Susan Sims, “Not only are we delighted to have Stephanie Abrams join our editorial team bringing with her vast experience in the travel industry, but one can readily see that with her own English Springer Spaniels, Teddy Bear, Molly and Beau whose photos are positioned prominently on her award-winning web site, www.sabrams.com, Stephanie speaks ‘dog' fluently.”

“I'm quite experienced in traveling with furry critters,” Abrams remarks. “The most challenging was traveling with our 2 young children and our Irish Setter, Sir Timothy Dogg, when hoteliers had not yet grasped the concept of welcoming dogs! Thankfully, things have changed dramatically. My mission is to provide the dog-owner with the information needed to understand that their standards for living well do not have to be compromised when they travel. There are wonderful, upscale properties that make traveling with a dog easy because they realize that the pet is an honored and valued member of their guest's family. There is so much to share with the readers of Fido Friendly Magazine,” Abrams explains. “I hope to broaden the horizons of dog-owning travelers with information that encourages them to travel abroad and travel well with their pets and not confine their travels to North American travel by car. There's a big dog-lovin' world out there,” Abrams explains.

When asked about extending hospitality to those traveling with dogs, Abrams notes, “Hoteliers assumed that checking in a dog meant asking for trouble. I can remember telling hostile hoteliers, “I've never met a dog who stole a towel from a hotel, fell asleep in bed with a lit cigarette and burned down the hotel, or partied-hardy, trashed the room and kept the other hotel guests awake. The pets I meet traveling are putting their best paw forward.”

Now in its sixth year, Fido Friendly magazine lists accommodations where travelers can stay with their dogs when in the United States and Canada. Each quarter, Fido Friendly's editorial includes hotel, city and state reviews. Fourteen percent of all U.S. adults say they have traveled with a pet on a trip of 50 miles or more, one-way, away from home in the past three years, according to the latest Travel Poll by the Travel Industry Association of America (TIA). With millions of people traveling each year with their furry companions, only Fido Friendly magazine (www.fidofriendly.com) consistently brings updated dog-related travel information to its readers.

The magazine has introduced Fido Friendly Travel Club where members receive discounts from participating affiliate hotels, products and services. For $30.00 a year, members' benefits include: one-year subscription to Fido Friendly magazine; one-year service to 1-800-help-4-pets, a pet recovery service; membership card and access to a dedicated website www.fidofriendlytravelclub.com.

Fido Friendly's motto is ‘Leave No Dog Behind,' and with the help of Stephanie Abrams' editorial feature promoting pets as part of the family, Fido Friendly magazine is confident that more people will discover the joy of traveling with man's best friend.


Stephanie B. Abrams