November 2005, 7:00 am US Eastern Timezone


For the fourth consecutive year,, the official website of Stephanie Abrams, radio's premier travel expert, has been recognized and honored by the League of American Communications Professionals, this year taking the 2005 Spotlight Bronze Overall Award for Best Website. The site was evaluated for visual design, creativity, relevance of content, clarity of message, first impression, and overall narrative.

New York, NY – November 2005: Abrams, host of the nationally syndicated weekly radio show, “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!” which airs in the 7pm to 9pm ET time slot on the Business TalkRadio™ Network coast-to-coast, expressed, “Sheer joy” at having achieved this recognition for the site. “We are just thrilled that we have been honored again in this special way! This website is an extension of the show and provides us with another opportunity to connect with our targeted audience of travelers to reinforce our message and our mission to connect people with opportunities to travel to places from which they will return uplifted, enriched, enhanced and inspired and know that they are somehow better for the experience whether they were on a business or pleasure trip,” Abrams explains. “There are wonderful suppliers in the travel industry who are focused on the same mission, most of whom do not get the attention they deserve! Between my show, and other shows on which I appear weekly and monthly as their travel expert, I have an opportunity to provide a forum for those special suppliers in travel to tell their stories and provides a unique audio reference library of interviews of show guests, news, and other pertinent information of interest to travelers.”

While Abrams claims responsibility for the content of the site, she defers all credit for its overall design, graphics, and ease of use to Persistent Visions, (, an animation production company specializing in high-end 3D Services. Persistent Visions' core business provides 3D modeling, animation, rendering and compositing services for several industries including: Architecture, Advertising, Medical Animation, and industries benefiting from previsualization (previz) services. In addition to their 3D endeavors, Persistent Visions also offers Graphic Design Services, including design for print and the web.

In addition to being simulcast on the web, Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams is also iPODcast and can be downloaded by visiting and clicking through to the website of Business TalkRadio at “Clearly, the reach of the show is extended dramatically through the availability of web simulcasting, the iPOD® technology provided to us by the network, and attention we have received for our website.” “‘Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!' has a reputation of being fast-paced, savvy, sophisticated and content-intensive and we strive to reflect that at our website. We are so proud that our efforts have consistently been recognized and honored in this special way,” Abrams concludes.


Stephanie B. Abrams