March 15, 2005 02:25 PM US Eastern Timezone


Boston, MA – March 2005 – “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!” the nationally syndicated radio show heard coast-to-coast weekly on the Business TalkRadio™ Network on Sundays in the 7pm to 9pmEST time slot and simulcast at and, has added three affiliate radio stations this week, according to the travel expert host of the show. WLOE AM 1490 in Eden and WMYN AM 1420 in Mayodan join Charlotte, Gastonia and Rock Hill, NC's WZRH AM 960 broadcast the show on Sunday evenings while Pittsfield, Massachusetts' WUHN AM 1110 will rebroadcast the weekly shows on Sunday mornings from 9am to 11am in Western Massachusetts, bringing the number of radio markets in which the show is heard nationally to over 50 of which more than half are in the top 100 media markets.

While Abrams notes that every affiliate is valued in high esteem and is further validation of the quality of the show and its appeal to listeners, sponsors and affiliates, she notes that being heard on WUHN AM 1110 is particularly exciting because, “that station is part of the VOX Group and is housed in the same facility from which my show broadcasts weekly,” Abrams explains. ““Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!” until now has been heard coast-to-coast , and while we are the only nationally syndicated radio show broadcasting year ‘round that originates in Berkshire County, we have not been heard in our own backyard! Being picked up by WUHN is a blessing in that it allows us to reach Berkshire County listeners with travel and tourism information and, when we feature the Berkshire Mountains, known as ‘America's Premier Cultural Resort,' those we are talking about can actually hear us on the radio! People from the area don't have to drive to Boston to hear us on WBIX or listen on the internet!” Abrams explains.

Ironically, the March 13th show, planned in the fall of 2004, is the first show that WUHN will broadcast on March 20th, “and it's incredible,” Abrams notes, “that the first show to air in Berkshire County is a show about Berkshire County! We plan shows seasonally about the Berkshires to preview what's coming up in the next few months in this year ‘round paradise! My on-air ‘Traveling Companion,' radio veteran and on-air talent of Vox's WUPE, Dave Isby, engineers our show from our Pittsfield studio from which the show is electronically sent to the control room of Business TalkRadio Network which broadcasts the show to our affiliates and simulcasts it on the internet.”

Asked if there is value in the show reaching internet listeners, Abrams explains, “We are blessed with a strong radio listening audience in prime media markets but having our show available on the internet live, and archived thereafter on the network's site for four weeks and then on my site indefinitely, gives us enormous reach. We have armed forces listeners like Lisa Daley, US Army Physicians' Assistant in Afghanistan and US Navy personnel on our base in Guam who listen online!”

Abrams notes that her strong advocacy on the air for travel agents has long received the thanks of the professional community. “But my recent challenge to Dr. Joy Browne to leave travel advice to the professionals has drawn high praise from Mike Spinelli, Past President of ASTA for “being right on target” and “The Trip Chicks” from Atlanta's Passport to Adventure who are travel professionals and are avid online fans who wrote to say how much they appreciate ‘all that you do to champion us travel professionals!' Frankly, it's because I come from inside the industry that my show has a unique difference in presenting all of my guests, suppliers, destinations and professional travel agents in a positive light. We have an upbeat show that motivates people to travel and to do it right by starting every trip with the help and expertise of a travel agent.

“Travelers don't realize the value of travel agents until they make their own arrangements and have no one to sort things out when things don't go as smoothly as they expected. The travel agent is the only advocate the traveler has. Without the clout of the travel agency community, which the agent brings to the table, behind the individual traveler, the passenger or guest has no one to balance the scales of power when dealing with the mammoth suppliers of the industry.”

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Stephanie B. Abrams