March 10, 2005 US Eastern Timezone


Radio Show Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams Challenges Radio Psychologist to Refer Travel Questions to Travel Professionals.

NEW YORK, March 10, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- When radio psychologist Dr. Joy Brown refer callers to therapists, lawyers, accountants and other professionals with capabilities beyond her expertise, one wonders why she attempts to answer travel questions herself, notes travel expert host of "Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams," syndicated nationally on the Business TalkRadio(tm) Network. An unabashed fan of Dr. Joy's show, Abrams admits she is baffled by the psychologist's attempts to use travel analogies and provide travel advice which, Abrams states, "result in misinformation and misconceptions."

Abrams, recognized as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Travel, says, "The best advice Dr. Joy could give callers with travel questions is that they contact a travel agent or a website that is associated with a travel professional."

Asked for specifics, Abrams explains that, in one reference, "Dr. Joy created an analogy illustrating preparing for an event by comparing taking French lessons in preparation for a trip to Barbados." Asked what was wrong with the analogy, Abrams points out that, "Barbados is an English-speaking destination!"

"Rather than focusing on the stress-free aspects of cruising, Dr. Joy got into questions that should be put to a travel agent," Abrams continues. "She recommended that a woman planning a large group cruise call the cruise line to negotiate upgrades. The right answer is to contact a travel agent! Agents work with cruise lines daily, not once a year or once in a lifetime," Abrams notes.

Abrams describes "the last straw" in her decision to set the record straight. "It was the February 27, 2005 broadcast in which Dr. Brown remarked that rewards of theatre tickets might help a dieting person stay on target but one should not reward the dieter with a cruise. Any travel consultant will tell you," Abrams explains, "a cruise can be a floating spa where spa menus of tasty calorie-conscious meals, artfully created by gourmet chefs, plus fitness centers, organized exercise classes, walks on the ship's sea-misted decks, and walking shore excursion create the perfect environment for a voyage to self-improvement! Travel agents, surveying the travelers' interests, ages, time available, and budgets, can suggest ships that would quench clients' thirst to travel while providing spa-at-sea programs that keep appetites under control and help them stay on the healthy path they've selected."

Asked if she plans to deliver psychological advice on her travel show, Abrams responds, "I try to stick with subjects I really know but I can tell you that a relaxing breakaway can be a stress-buster! My prescription for my audience is, 'Call a travel agent, take two trips and call me in the morning!'" Abrams concludes.

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