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Travel Expert and Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host, Stephanie Abrams and Webmaster Dru Abrams win Top Honor for Best Website,, from League of American Communications Professionals

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Champagne corks were popping around the globe, according to travel expert Stephanie Abrams, host of the nationally syndicated radio show, "Travel With Stephanie Abrams!" on the Business Talk Radio network, when the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) announced that was awarded the Number One Honor for Best Website in the "Spotlight2003 Achievement Awards." Almost 1000 websites were considered for the award.

Winners were named to the Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honor
placements. "We took the Number One Honor spot, following just 2 spots behind ESPN's website which took the Silver Award! This honor is huge!" Abrams explains. "Since we are the only winning website whose content is focused on the travel industry, we are doubly proud! This recognition of our efforts, by sponsors of my radio show and travel industry leaders who are guests, whose products are featured at , makes this momentous event a global celebration. We are dazzled by this award and grateful to our supporters in the travel industry who appreciate my focus and mission to motivate people to travel and to educate them on great destinations, hotels, unique cruise opportunities, and wonderful but little-known services to fulfill every need for business travelers and the dreams of vacationers."

Abrams notes that she has editorial control over the content of the site but leaves "all matters related to artistic design and functionality to my incredibly talented webmaster and son, Dru Abrams, whose contribution has clearly played a significant role in the award-winning recognition. It's a double honor for me."

Dru Abrams, whose passion and expertise lie in the creation of video games, explains that, while is a clear reflection of his interpretation of the technical and graphic needs of the site, with emphasis on ease of functionality, his primary focus is his own specialty, computerized 3-D graphic arts texturing and lighting for the architectural settings which are backgrounds for video game action. He has just completed work on the "hottest new video game" in which the characters and game-play simulate life. Dru can be contacted through his website, or by email at

Stephanie Abrams reflects, "I can remember attending board meetings, when my professional life was consumed by a corporation, suggesting what should go into a vibrant, relevant website, frequently being told that my vision couldn't be done, wouldn't work, and would cost tens of thousands of dollars per idea. Winning the Top Honor Award for Best Website in 2003 from LACP is a wonderful validation that creative approaches, relevant content and a webmaster who 'gets it,' can result in excellence worthy of recognition! Vision, focus, perseverance, commitment to excellence, and the courage to believe you are on the right track are the keys to success."

Stephanie B. Abrams