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Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams Speaks at ARTA Board Meeting on 'Future Focus and Agency Advocacy' at Riviera Maya's Luxurious Ceiba Del Mar Spa Resort.

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- If you are looking for the leaders of the Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA), you'll find them, and travel expert Stephanie Abrams, at Ceiba Del Mar Spa Resort on Mexico's Riviera Maya, just 20 minutes south of Cancun Airport. ARTA's Chairperson, Nancy Linares, explains, ``We wanted an inspiring place with the quietude of a retreat to motivate creative thinking; a place where we'd receive exceptional service as the norm. I talked with ARTA's great friend, Stephanie Abrams, who suggested Ceiba Del Mar. I knew she was right! This is the perfect place for our complex agenda functions to flow smoothly in an atmosphere of calmness and serenity,'' Linares continues. ``The positive energy here inspires creativity!''

Abrams addresses ARTA today on the subject of 'Future Focus and Agency Advocacy.' ``I am often asked if it is better to purchase a trip through a travel agency or on the internet,'' Abrams remarks. ``My answer is that you can do both simultaneously! Travel agencies have their own interactive websites and agents routinely research the internet for their clients! When there's a travel agency behind internet purchases, travelers have an advocate on their side. There's a real person to contact while you're traveling if your plans change or you are presented with a surprise along the way,'' Abrams explains. ``It's comforting to know that you have your own agent out there, carrying the clout of the associations and professional groups agent belongs to, ready to jump in to assist you when you are far from home. Travelers don't have the time, strength or resources to battle with travel industry suppliers when unforeseen circumstances present obstacles. Are you going to call an internet site when you run into a snag? Without a travel agent in the picture, the traveler is in a little boat at the mercy of the winds and tides of the giant suppliers of the travel industry. Travel agents personally intervene at the moment the traveler's need arises. The services of agents are priceless!'' Abrams states.

Abrams, who hosts the nationally syndicated radio show, ``Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!'' on the Business Talk Radio Network, which airs on Sunday evenings in the 6pm to 8pm EST time slot, advocates the importance of the travel agency on her show as well as on the multitude of weekday 'drive-time' radio shows in the US and Canada on which she appears as a travel expert guest. Worldwide directors of tourism boards, hoteliers, cruise line executives, tour operators, airline heads and car rental leaders, as well as travel agent specialists, are frequent guests. Past shows can be heard at Abrams award-winning website at Audio Archive. Click Ceiba Del Mar's photo for an interview with its sales director and photos of the resort.

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