Comedian Shelley Berman Shares Travel Experiences with Nationally Syndicated Host of "Travel With Stephanie Abrams!"

Lucky Listener Will Win Lan Chile Vacations Ski Trip for Two Worth over $9000 on Same Show Bringing Travel Prizes Given Since July to Over $35,000.

New York City, NY (December 2, 2002): Travel IS a laughing matter when explained by comedian Shelley Berman, states travel expert Stephanie Abrams, host of the nationally syndicated radio show, "Travel With Stephanie Abrams!" on the Business Talk Radio Network. "There is nothing funnier than the wit and delivery of Shelley Berman," Abrams states. "His insights, perspective and unique style focus on the humor in ordinary situations including travel. Because of the serious tone with which the travel industry has been blanketed lately, a strong dose of Shelley Berman is my prescription for bringing my audience something to laugh about which they can draw upon when confronted with the real-life situations ," states Abrams.

Seeing the humor in ordinary travel situations is key to having a pleasant experience, Abrams notes. " 'Passenger Rage,' wouldn't exist if everyone, including travel company employees, had a sense of humor, smiled, and laughed about frustrating, and often ridiculous, circumstances while trying to resolve a situation. In a hospitality industry, a little hospitality and humor goes a long way," Abrams continues.
"Tired and hassled travelers are often met by 'crusty' employees. The combination can result in unnecessary confrontations or the funniest experiences. It's like driving . . you can choose the road with the potholes or the paved highway. Your travel experience will reflect your choice. In order to make that decision, you need a guide to point the way. That's why I've invited Shelley Berman to be my guest!" Abrams explains.

Abrams notes that she has been a long-time fan of the comedian. "I love his biting wit. His humor is based on making you think and follow him through an unfolding tale that gets funnier with each step. I think about his classic airplane routines every time I buckle my seatbelt," Abrams states. "So if you see me smiling at take-off, it's probably because I've just played a Shelley Berman bit in my mind to stay sane after watching another demonstration of how to buckle a seat belt. Is there anyone capable of traveling alone left on the planet who doesn't know how to use a seatbelt?" Abrams ponders."When you are subjected to the ridiculous, humor makes the difference between 'pleasant' and 'aggravating.' I hope an 'infusion of Berman' gives my audience the attitude and focus to rise above the absurd with a laugh. He's certainly kept me on track!: Abrams states.

On December 8th, a lucky listener will be awarded a 5day/4 night ski trip for two from Miami to Santiago, Chile with hotel accommodations in Valley Nevado plus ski lift passes. The prize is valued by Lan Chile Vacations at over $9000, bringing the total of travel prizes given by the show to over $35,000 since July of this year. Prize rules can be found at Abrams award-winning website at, given a Spotlight 2002 Award for Best Website by the League of American Communications Professionals. Web visitors can click on the map to find a local radio station, "or you can listen right online wherever you are when it's 7pm on the east coast! Imagine, Shelley and Chile! Now, there's a treat!" Abrams concludes.

Stephanie B. Abrams