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May 16, 2004:  “Travel Prize Winner Libby Wright Isn't the Only Lucky One!”
by Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams

She was Lucky Caller Number 5, listening to, “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!” on Business Talk Radio Network's affiliate station KJLL AM 1330 in Tucson, Arizona on April 25, 2004. She was overjoyed as she introduced herself to my audience coast –to-coast as Libby Wright and said she would use the 3day/2 night stay she had just won at the Juliana Hotel in San Francisco to celebrate her 20th anniversary with her husband.

And that's where the story begins. Everyone who calls 866-606-TALKwhen the signal is given on Sundays in the 7 to 9pm EST time slot nationwide, and is lucky enough to be the winning caller, can expect a follow up phone call from me. In addition, to congratulating my valued listener and offering assistance in redeeming the travel prize, I invite the winner to be a guest on my show after completing their trip to share with my audience the winner's unique experiences related to the travel prize.

When I called Libby Wright the day after she won her prize on the air, I was, once again, reminded of my own belief that there are no accident nor coincidences. . . only miracles and fate! If there ever was a prize-winner deserving of a vacation, it was Libby!

Libby told me about The Giving Tree Outreach Program, an organization of which she is the Executive Director,that is dedicated to rescuing homeless children from the streets of Tucson. Completely run and staffed by volunteers, GTOP operates Grace Home, a 7 bedroom house where rescued children find safety, security, physical and emotional nourishment from the caring volunteers who invest themselves in these children's lives. Many of the volunteers were, themselves rescued by The Giving Tree, and now they continue the rescue process, passing on the loving attention they received to children caught in the despair of homelessness.

In the course of explaining her mission, Libby told me that she wants to take the 10 children currently living at Grace Home to California. “They've never seen a beach. They've never seen an ocean,” Libby explained. “I want them to know there's more to the world than the streets of Tucson.”

How could I not be touched by Libby's good work and dreams? Travel experiences are the ingredients that bring textbooks to life, inspire children to achieve, uplift the spirit, and enrich the mind. Travel is a vital part of every child's education.

I invited Libby back as a guest on “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!” on May 2, 2004 to tell the rest of her story and promised her I would take an active role in helping her to get these children to Los Angeles and San Diego for the 10 day trip she envisioned for them. As part of that commitment, I awarded The Giving Tree Outreach Program a one week stay for 2 at Ti-Kaye Village in St. Lucia and a one week stay for 2 at the St. Lucia Club by Splash in memory of Desmond Skeete, Chairman of the St. Lucia Tourism Board who passed away on April 29, 2004. The Giving Tree will use these 2 resort stays in their fund-raising efforts to realize the dream of taking the children living at Grace Home on the kind of trip that most children with loving families consider part of growing up. I'm also seeking “hoteliers with a heart” in the LA and San Diego areas to provide “close to complimentary” accommodations for the group which needs 4 rooms for the children and chaperones each night of their journey. When we've got it all buttoned up, you can expect to hear Libby on “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!” sharing their eye-opening experiences with my audience.

And for the very deserving Libby Wright, her selfless work which caters to the needs of the kids who live at Grace Home and another 200 to 600 homeless kids who come through weekly for baths and meals, “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!” awarded her a bonus that extends her anniversary prize trip to 3 nights at San Francisco's Juliana Hotel and an additional 3 nights at Personality Hotel's Kensington Park Hotel in the Union Square district so this wonderful lady with such a big heart can enjoy the City with Heart.
What a perfect match!

I'm looking forward to sharing the happy ending with you.

Visit my website at www.sabrams.com for details on this story and updates.

Travel expert, Stephanie Abrams, rated one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Travel, hosts “Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!” on Sundays nationwide on the Business Talk Radio Network and is heard from 6 to 9pm EST and simulcasts on the internet at the network's website, www.businesstalkradio.net.

Help Support The Giving Tree Outreach Program! We're auctioning off an amazing travel prize, the proceeds of which will help support this amazing charity!

Getaway for 2 at Ti-Kaye Village in St. Luci

View the acution here

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