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Affinia Manhattan Hotel: The Sabrams.com Pet Friendly Hotel of the Month.

Generally, we review hotels through the eyes of our staff based on personal visits. But in the case of the Affinia Manhattan, we decided the best way to review this pet-welcoming hotel, was through the eyes of Downtown Winston Brown, an English Springer Spaniel who is a frequent guest at this well-located New York City gem. Winston, also know as The Pants, due to the “cowboy chaps” coif created by his groomer, is a well-traveled pooch with his own frequent-flyer miles well over six-figures! We chatted with Winston to get the low-down on the Affinia Manhattan to give you the inside scoop:

Winston gave this hotel a 5 Paws rating for dogs traveling with their owners. The
welcome starts at the front desk with a warm reception and a dog treat magically materializing from the pocket of the desk clerk, clearly demonstrating pet receptiveness! An almost endless list of pet services is presented to dog checking in with people and this includes: signature food and water bowls, a travel case, and a special Do Not Disturb sign (DND) so that owners can forewarn housekeepers not to enter the room when they are not present. Additional amenities for pets include an assortment of gourmet treats and toys, a list of local parks, dog runs and “pet-friendly restaurants” where dining terraces make eating with your pet a culinary experience. The Affinia Manhattan also provides an extensive list of available pet services including local groomer's, doggie-daycare centers, (Winston is partial to Paws at Chelsea, a lovely 9 block walk from the hotel), pet taxis, special occasion cakes for pets, and, when the Moon is in Sagittarius, you might want to call on the services of a pet psychic to sort out why Fido is out of sorts!
Truly, this is a hotel that thinks of everything! You can only imagine the extent they go to when it comes to their two-legged guests just by checking out the caring detail that goes into exceeding the expectation of their furry guests!

Now if that weren't enough for the Jet Set Pet who has everything, the Affinia Manhattan has considered the disadvantages of being crated for air travel or car travel, or the negative effects of being cooped up in the back seat of a car in transit with little opportunity to chase squirrels or butterflies for long stretches of time. To overcome “Cramped Up Syndrome,” The Affinia Manhattan created the “Happytails Travel Dog Spa Amenity!” which can be purchased to provide Poochinella with a unique spa experience. The experience is delivered in the form of a kit that includes conveniently sized products to keep Fido comfortable while traveling. You'll find Comfy Dog's minty lather to moisturize dry skin, Dry Dog Instant Clean to remove odors, Dog Smog Remedy to eliminate bad breath and Flea the Scene to protect pooches from mosquitoes

Oh, and by the way, you'll find that the Affinia Manhattan has put incredible attention into creating a welcoming, comfortable, beautifully appointed, trendy setting as an oasis in the midst of a bustling city! But you've already figured that part out because a savvy and sophisticated traveler like The Pants would never stay anywhere unless it was considered sexy, chic, and stylish!

And the best news yet: The Affinia Manhattan is part of a chain of Affinia Hotels where the quality and standards run high throughout! You'll find four Affinia Hotels in Manhattan, one in Chicago and Washington, DC, is on the way for keep a lookout for their opening date!



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