"Jalousie Plantation: Pure Tropical Beauty"

Jalousie Plantation
St. Lucia, British West Indies
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Pure Tropical Beauty in the Pristine British West Indies

To understand Jalousie Plantation, you must first close your eyes and step out from the protective shell in which you live your daily life. Once you can imagine doing that, you are on your way to understanding the experience that is Jalousie Plantation.

If location and view are everything, then Jalousie Plantation takes the award for unsurpassable excellence. Created on 192 acres of lush, tropical rainforest on the island of St. Lucia in the British West Indies, Jalousie Plantation is strategically located in unquestionably the most beautiful spot on the island. The resort, part of the Sunswept Resorts group (www.sunsweptresorts.com ), is strategically placed on a stretch of sandy white beachfront in the valley between The Pitons, two majestic mountain peaks covered in lush greenery, where guests find themselves nestled in one of nature's best works on the planet. The Pitons have been listed by UNESCO as a masterpiece of nature. Those who are guests at Jalousie Plantation have the privilege of being enveloped in this awe-inspiring site, which is only one part of the gift to the senses that this resort provides.

Jalousie Plantation starts at the white sand bordering the pristine turquoise waters and is built from seaside at the beach level up the hillside facing The Pitons. You won't find a big city-style hotel with elevators and decorative lobby nor will you find a meandering series of low-rise buildings with clusters of guest rooms here! Guest accommodations are as individual as the guest who seeks out this paradise!

Jalousie Plantations accommodations are individual guest villa which are scattered around the hillside overlooking the sea and The Pitons. Each villa provides first-class luxury and is nestled secluded from its neighbors. Guests are delivered from the reception area to their villas by friendly staff members who drive ever-available shuttles to and from guest villas to the beach, restaurants, bars and lounges, and spa facilities. While you might enjoy the walk down the hillside to the beach or restaurants, you'll probably want to make use of the “people-movers” for the uphill return. But if you decide you prefer to be transported from your villa, be prepared to leave your villa the moment you hang up the phone when you call for transfer because your driver will probably be there before you've completed the walk from your door to the road beside your villa!

Because of the thick tropical greenery, you will find that your villa is shrouded in complete privacy. Once you have started to ascend your path to your private villa suite, you'll note that you are quickly enveloped in the sense of being in a tropical paradise completely alone. The aroma of tropical flowers envelopes you inside and out of your villa and you can count on lovely garden views from every window, with sea views available based on the villa category that you choose. Serenity, tranquility and pampered, pressure-free living in awesome surroundings that don't require a “dress-up” regimen are key factors in the guest's experience. This is tropical living at its very best: comfortably elegant décor, relaxed atmosphere, world-class location, and a staff from the beachfront to the kitchen that has pleasing you as their focus.

When you arrive at your villa at Jalousie Plantation, you'll find yourself immediately secluded as you walk the path from the road. Chances are that you won't be able to see your villa until you are standing at its door. The sense of mystery and adventure as to what you will find adds to the uniqueness of the guests' experience. You will first find a trellised area with a door that locks. Upon unlocking that door, you step onto your personal patio, complete with lounge chairs, a patio table set, ideal for having lunch or a sunset cocktail in privacy, which, in most cases, are strategically placed beside your own private plunge pool. This is your “welcome” to your villa and the first indication that this is a place where privacy, intimacy, seclusion, and tranquility are key to your vacation experience. If you are in need of relaxation, you have found the right place!

This welcoming first impression, created by the tropical walkway to your private garden and private pool-patio area, has set the tone for the experience of unlocking the door to your villa. Glimpsing your first view of your villa's interior can only be compared to turning a page in a fairytale when the bedroom of the princess is revealed to the reader. In keeping with the royal treatment you'll receive at Jalousie Plantation, you'll find the oversized bed, outfitted with fine linens, crowned at the ceiling from which sheer drapery softly frames the bed. Opening the door to your villa at Jalousie Plantation is a knock-out.

You'll find every amenity in your villa including a comfortable den-like area complete with TV for those rare moments when you'd like to know if there is a world beyond Jalousie Plantation! The overall ambiance is that of a royal hideaway in the tropics where your every wish can be fulfilled!

While the food selection, preparation and service are all excellent, and provide an exceptional dining experience for even the most sophisticated traveler, you'll find the added “spice” of St.Lucian hospitality that is unique in the Caribbean.

And go ahead and enjoy every morsel of every delicacy without guilt! There are so many ways to shed calories just by walking along the beach, enjoying the water sports, visiting The Jalousie Spa, and opting to walk downhill from your villa in the morning on the way to your sumptuous breakfast by the sea. If there's a Heaven, there's a good chance the entrance is at Jalousie Plantation in St. Lucia, British West Indies.


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